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Digital Appointment Assistant App

Marijuana Doctors has launched a new app that doctors can use as a paperless HIPAA Compliance Check-In System on a tablet or iPad. Practice Manager, the new electronic check-in system, will process forms and instantly store files into the EMR. The system will make processing patient paperwork easier, leaving physicians and practice managers just to review notes and schedule follow-ups. The check-in system also will have the functionality to set up reminders for patients about scheduling follow-up appointments through the Marijuana Doctors site, text, or email. The system will also give patients the opportunity to rate the practice and their experience, helping boost the practice’s credibility with great reviews and testimonials.

How to Use the Digital Appointment Assistant

1. Log into your account at

2. Click Resources under your Doctor Dashboard side panel

Doctor Dashboard

3. Under Resources Click Digital Sign In Sheet (For Use In Office on iPad)

4. Select The Practice

5. The Sign In Sheet Will Appear:

(After the first time you load the Digital Sign In Sheet, You Can Then Use The Direct Link In The Address Bar & It Is Recommended To Save The Page As A Favorite. You Can Also Shorten The Link Using Google Link Shortener At

6. Please Provide The iPad To Your Patients. Once They Sign In, It Will Ask Them For Their Identification Information, Qualifying Conditions & Current Medications:

7. It Will Then Ask For Current Symptoms & History:

8. It Will Then Ask The Patient If They Want To Upload Office Forms:

9. It Will Then Ask The Patient To Leave A Review About Their Appointment Experience To Be Posted As A Review On Their Profile:

10. Once The Patient Submits The Information They Will Be Brought Back To The Homepage Where Their Name Will Be Redacted As Per HIPPA Compliance:

HIPAA is a federal law that protects the privacy of identifiable patient information, requires electronic and physical security standards related to the storage and use of PHI, and establishes standard transactions and code sets to simplify billing and other electronic transactions. HIPAA standards were updated in 2009 by the implementation of the HITECH Act and again in 2013 by the HIPAA Omnibus Rule. In accordance with HIPAA standards, is HITECH and BAA certified, and has put in place measures to protect the confidentiality of health information in any form, whether written, oral, or electronic.

Updated on May 11, 2018