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Marijuana P.O.S. Comes to the Medical Cannabis Network

Marijuana P.O.S. Technology

United States – May 29, 2012 –

In September of 2011, The Medical Cannabis Network or otherwise known as MCN, had announced it’s full-scale integration of, which is now the Medical Cannabis Network’s number one marijuana mapping solution. After PotLocator’s integration into all of MCN’ brands in order to maximum exposure, the Medical Cannabis Network created some never-before-seen marketing opportunities for the medical marijuana industry.

As for today, PotLocator remains the Medical Cannabis Network’s number one marijuana mapping solution with the utmost prestige. The next step for PotLocator lies within enhancing the PotLocator experience for the consumers that are listed with this service. Clients of PotLocator can visibly search for all hydroponics; grow shops and dispensaries, collectives and resource centers all by simply entering the zip code of which you reside in.

With PotLocator’s all new built-out menu system, the amount of services offered is literally endless. The new menu system features live listings of what strains and products owners have within their businesses’ inventory. When it comes to PotLocator, maximizing the functionality of your experience is what matters most.

In June of 2012, PotLocator will be introducing to its entire client base, their all-new point of sales system (POS), which will remain free of charge for whomever is currently signed up and subscribed to the site. Along with the new point of sales system, PotLocator features a special couponing services that allows it’s user to find coupons and discounts within their area due to geo-targeting technology. Just by entering in where you currently reside, PotLocator’s interface can track all geo-targeted listings of coupons and discounts within your area, meant specifically for your convenience.

Along with the new point of sales system, PotLocator will also be releasing it’s all-new control panel as well as marijuana dashboard, which is one extremely easy to use control panel that allows clients to edit their profiles and certainly maximize their PotLocator experience. PotLocator’s graphical user interface, or GUI, meets client’s specific needs with the utmost usability. Most websites claim that easy to use interfaces are often easy because of exposure to previous similar systems, but not with PotLocator. The dedication of the staff and developers at PotLocator are bringing its clients an extremely client-friendly graphical user interface, to make your advertising experience well worth your while.

In terms of being on the fence when it comes to PotLocator, the only logical solution is to sign up as fast as you can if you want maximum exposure and full exclusivity at your request. Just remember, with the subscription to PotLocator, clients and users receive absolutely full integration within the Medical Cannabis Network. MCN’s only mission is to provide unparalleled access to the worldwide cannabis community with the utmost usability.

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