Features of MarijuanaDoctors.com for Dispensaries

Jun 01, 2017 –

The telemedicine and other functionality amenities offered to patients on MarijuanaDoctors.com allow for easy consultations and dispensary services. Booking appointments through the online calendar, a portal to schedule appointments and a telemedicine visit option to receive a consultation for dispensary services are a few of steps that have eased the processes of procuring medical marijuana for patients in need.

Obtaining Medical Marijuana From MarijuanaDoctors.com

To use the online portal on MarijuanaDoctors.com, patients will follow these simple steps to secure the medicine needed:

  • Create an account
  • Browse the directory of recommended and thoroughly evaluated physicians
  • Schedule an initial consultation
  • Receive a recommendation from the qualifying physician
  • After approval, receive a medical marijuana card
  • Schedule a telemedicine consultation with a dispensary to discuss individual needs
  • Enjoy the hassle-free renewal processes, as well as recurring deliveries of the medicine needed for symptom treatment

Infrastructure Designed for Patients and Dispensaries

MarijuanaDoctors.com’s online portal is geared toward dispensaries and patients, with the ability to view and discuss the menu of options for each individual patient. The communication between patients, physicians and dispensaries is more streamlined than ever before with updates, fast turnarounds, more product selections and recommendations.

The systems put into place on site allow dispensaries to understand how to enroll patients in the business, as well as appreciate the lifetime value of the patients receiving the medications. The framework also makes it easier to stay in obedience with the laws and procedures for the medical use of marijuana in various states within the United States.

Patients can also enjoy:

  • Well-organized processes to receive consultation, recommendation and medicine delivery option
  • Fast turnaround times to receive medication
  • Product selection variety from multiple dispensaries via telemedicine technology

Additional benefits for dispensaries include:

  • Access to more existing and potential patients using online portals
  • Inventory control for efficient product demand planning
  • The capacity to broaden patient base and reach patients outside immediate areas

Dispensaries can create locally indexed and optimized business listings and a patient funnel to better manage their current and potential clientele.  MarijuanaDoctors.com’s online framework is the full-service option for patients, recommending physicians and dispensaries in the ever-changing and ever-growing marijuana service industry.

If a dispensary chooses to become a featured dispensary, they will gain advanced placement in city and state listings. This search result will populate first within MarijuanaDoctors.com. Dispensaries can vertically assimilate within their markets. The services offered on the site have made the process simple on patients.

MarijuanaDoctors.com’s infrastructure was built to best serve as a one-stop shop for dispensaries, patients and recommending physicians to fulfill all their needs.