Expands Access to Medical Marijuana

Online appointments with a certifying physician for medical marijuana evaluations now available on

Sep 27, 2016 – announces the integration of its new TeleHealth Portal, allowing patients to easily connect to a certifying physician for a marijuana evaluation. Finding a cannabis-friendly physician is often quite challenging and worst for patients residing in rural or conservative areas. Dr. Troy Sasse, an Upstate New York family practitioner, who uses the platform daily, says, “telemedicine is more than a convenient service, for me its rewarding to certify patients, who have been struggling to find a certifying physician in their area.”

For many patients asking their own physician may be intimidating and then disclosing the fact that they are already self-medicating is even more awkward. Telemedicine provides these patients on-demand quality healthcare that is on par with an in-person office visit following the guidelines set forth by the American Telemedicine Association (ATV).Dr. Helene Malabed, one of the in-network physicians who beta-tested the TeleHealth Portal, says the “best part about the app is the seamless integration with all the other tools I already use on a daily basis to see patients residing anywhere in California.”

According to Dr. Malabed, “Telemedicine is cost-effective for the patient but the quality of care is the same if not better than an in-person consult. Even though my practice is in Sacramento, I am able to reach patients all over California, both rural and big cities like San Francisco.”

This is also a perfect solution for patients, who are not physically able to visit a doctor’s office due to their debilitating condition or required ambulatory care, especially relevant for patients who qualify in medical marijuana states with a short list of approved medical conditions like New York, Connecticut, and Florida‘s Low-THC program.

The TeleHealth Portal provides patients the option of seeing a doctor within minutes with an on-call provider or request a scheduled telehealth appointment. Compassionate physicians now have the opportunity to see patients in underserved areas by utilizing the Telemedicine Platform. By joining the network, doctors gain access to key marketing solutions and one-on-one professional guidance and technical support. The Telemedicine Portal has become an invaluable tool for practitioners licensed in California, New York, Nevada, Maine, Rhode Island, Florida and Connecticut.