Nationwide Medical Cannabis Study To Prove Marijuana is Medicine

The first nationwide medical cannabis study designed to prove that marijuana is medicine, starts with 227,883 patients set to sign up to help change the federal scheduling of mmj.

Sep 28, 2016 –

The country’s first nationwide medical cannabis study designed to prove that marijuana is medicine, starts with 227,883 qualified medical marijuana patients set to sign up to help force the change of the federal scheduling of mmj, in the first-of-its-kind, crowd-sourced cannabis peer-review study.

The invitation has also been extended to 464 medical marijuana doctors in order to allow physicians the opportunity to monitor and review their patient’s progress, while technically mining the collected data so that it can be used to medically benefit and improve the quality of the patient’s condition. Furthermore, the data will also provide marijuana doctors with a greater understanding and insight on how to more effectively treat their patients, while ultimately giving them the opportunity to become some of the industry’s first experts, in what is still a newly emerging medical marketplace.

The aptly named, “Symptom Tracker” — a feature of the (MD) mobile app — will be virtually delivered to a test market of over 500 physicians, and more than 65,000 patients who are already double-opted in as qualified medical marijuana card holders and individuals actively awaiting legalization in states that are not legal yet, that will be used to fuel MD’s monthly newsletter, featuring updates of the study’s mined data including easy-to-understand graphs, that will allow readers to simply monitor the study’s results.

The Symptom Tracker aims to bridge the understanding between doctors, patients, and their related medical conditions and the BETA launch of the tracking app has already produced results under the ailments of chronic pain, severe nausea, anxiety disorders, sleep apnea, and seizures.

Take a stand for medical marijuana, and on behalf of patients everywhere, sign up to join the nationwide study being crowd-sourced, and fueled by real patients really using marijuana as a medicine.

Nationwide Medical Cannabis Study