New Marijuana Patient Tracking Software

May 28, 2013 –

With the recent lightning-fast rejection by a key legislative committee in Connecticut, an effective end was supplied to a proposed regulation provision that was deemed “necessary” to jump-start Connecticut’s medical marijuana program. It has become extremely evident and clear that the patients, healthcare facilities and businesses across the state of Connecticut are being cheated from legitimate access to medicine. The failure to hear-out a proposal that would’ve changed the designation of marijuana from a Schedule I drug to a Schedule II drug in order to act as an overall plan for a secure, in-state cultivation and sale system is at a great loss. This moment is a significant setback and a major loss for the patients who will be using medical marijuana as an alternative treatment option.

For this reason, MarijuanaDoctors is proud to reach out and provide free support services for the patients in Connecticut who deserve to be compassionately accommodated. MarijuanaDoctors understands that patients are not criminals – they are called patients for a reason, and this is because they are only looking to receiving a treatment option, not a quick fix. If there is anything that this company provides beside compassion, it is a general understanding of the struggles a patient may experience. Upon discovering that the reclassification of this medicine was rejected without any cause, MarijuanaDoctors felt as if a blind eye was turned. Due to this event, the company is now providing patients with a brand new service intended to show a scale of progress and healing known as the SymptomTracker.

The Symptom Tracker is an ailment and symptom system that was implemented into the patient’s profiles on in order to provide patients with a more hands-on approach to the management and improvement of one’s overall health and well-being. Through a scale of titration, the frequent reporting of a patient’s health status can record data and analyze that very data to provide patients with a more accurate picture of what health management plan works best for them.

More importantly, patients can “opt in” to report a personal scale of titration back to the physician that originally recommended the patient access to medical cannabis in the first place.  This will allow for physicians to track, report and create clinical studies as to why marijuana, as a “drug”, should have the classification changed to a schedule II as opposed to a schedule I. This function will also help to solidify the bona fide relationship that is established between a physician and a patient and seems to be more and more of an everyday normality in the more recent medical marijuana states.  Furthermore, this information will provide the much needed research and analysis conducted by licensed physicians to help better understand how medical cannabis can be viewed as a legitimate form of medicine. is willing to provide this informative data to the state of Connecticut in “high” hopes that the next attempt of changing the classification of marijuana will now be backed by actual studies. It is intended to provide a clearer understanding of how a patient using medical cannabis can increase the overall quality of health while decreasing the patient’s everyday usage of other prescription opiate drugs.  This data will help local state lawmakers understand the true benefits of medical cannabis and it will also provide the federal government with a clearer and more concise reporting system to help produce the results needed for overturning the classification of this drug.

By inputting a patient’s medicine dosage for that day and feedback on bodily feelings throughout the day, patients will be granted a sense of clarity in regards to personal health that have never been experienced before. The implementation of this innovative new system will compile and organize enough data to help the many patients that MarijuanaDoctors provide services for, with a case that is meant to be heard and taken into consideration. Instead of having patients deal with addictive prescription opiates and the horrendous side effects associated with those opiates, MarijuanaDoctors is providing patients with an individualized analysis of personal health and bringing visibility to the gradual progress towards achieving a healthy lifestyle again.

With MarijuanaDoctors most recent efforts, it is evident that the company does not intend on straying from the foundation and standards it is comprised of. Both the patients who book an appointment through the MarijuanaDoctors service and the doctors, who have become integrated within the patient network, are both considered part of the MCN compassionate family. MarijuanaDoctors hopes that with the addition of this new technology into a corporate structure, the patients will receive a chance to be heard and taken seriously. The industry has functioned for far too long in a grey area, but since the founding of MarijuanaDoctors, the company has been set on legitimizing the industry and eliminating that area of prejudice.

The medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant are extensive, inescapable and historically rich. This is not something that the federal government can take away from the patients who experienced reduced suffering from such a beautiful plant.