Nation’s Largest Cannabis Physician Portal

Apr 01, 2013 – certified itself as a pioneer of the medical marijuana industry when they first launched operations as a web 2.0 company and the industry’s first online search and booking platform for medical marijuana evaluations. After officially launching in April of 2010, MarijuanaDoctors operates in all states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana and passed medical marijuana bylaws. The main mission of this company is to provide inquiring medical marijuana patients with a stress-free and easy way to access the finest services in alternative healthcare. By assisting patients who suffer from a chronic or debilitating condition in their mission to receive a written recommendation by a board-certified physician, MarijuanaDoctors is spreading compassion one patient at a time.

Since the foundation of, the company has not strayed from its intentions of providing patients with a 100% absolutely free service that pre-qualifies patients under their states’ respective approved conditions list. Through development of a Patient Pre-Qualification system, based specifically around each state’s guidelines, a team member will assist a patient through a questionnaire that will determine whether or not that patient would qualify for medical marijuana. The MD team is comprised of the most knowledgeable and caring professionals and will answer any questions that a patient may have in regards to their states’ marijuana rules and regulations, will help pair them up with a local trusted physician in or around their area, and always remains HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) compliant to the utmost degree. Note that unlike many other “free” services for patients seeking a cannabis recommendation, MarijuanaDoctors is confidential, discreet and will not sell any patient info to a third-party.

Once a patient has been deemed pre-qualified to visit a licensed medical marijuana doctor, a team member will request an appointment that is specifically designed around a patient’s every day routine. Convenience is not only a term that was coined to describe the ease of booking an appointment with MarijuanaDoctors, it is a feeling rooted deep within a sigh of relief from a patient who is suffering and desires efficient healthcare. Of the near 150 physicians located within the MarijuanaDoctors network, are all comprised of the highest possible standing, have no past history of medical malpractice, and are licensed and state board-certified to recommend the use of cannabis as an alternative treatment option. Each physician will sit a patient down and provide a thorough evaluation that reviews a patient’s past medical history, current medicine regimen and delineates the pros and cons of choosing cannabis as a medicine. Also available for free download is the company’s “do-it-yourself” doctors kit, which features all necessary paperwork and outlined specifics for patients to have their primary care physician write them a recommendation. Rest assured, patients are not receiving any “under the table” deals from any of these physicians, as physicians subscribed to the network are screened by a thorough background check system.

After a patient has been properly consulted through a meticulous medical marijuana evaluation, patients are one step closer to obtaining a medical marijuana card within their respective state. If documentation is too confusing for a patient who has been accepted into the medical marijuana program through a written recommendation, all health clinic staff members are adequately suited to assist patients within the filing and submitting of any necessary documentation. From there it is only a matter of time before a patient receives their medical marijuana card and they are then eligible to obtain their medicine.

Through a compassionate, efficient and innovative approach to the medical marijuana industries largest demographic, the patients, MarijuanaDoctors has managed to form an extensive list of the finest certified medical marijuana physicians in the entire country. Patients always come first, and with a trusted and proven method, they can finally receive the compassion and professionalism they truly deserve.