MCN Announces New Press Release Program

The Medical Cannabis Network, the nation’s number one most trusted gateway for patients seeking medical marijuana-based treatment within legal medical marijuana states and a major player in making strides towards legitimizing the medical marijuana industry.

New York, New York (PRWEB) March 11, 2013

With a conjunction set in stone, MCN will now begin to prompt an all-new press release program exclusively through and will solidify their approach of legitimizing the medical marijuana industry, which has functioned for far too long in a national grey area.

For the last five years, MCN has been able to provide patients with a clear sense of visibility and transparency all while selecting a licensed physician who is certified to recommend medical cannabis for chronic and debilitating conditions. By encouraging a solid business relationship with MarijuanaAdertising, The Medical Cannabis Network can now extend their vast array of innovative products and services, accessible options and phenomenal user interface to numerous members of the media and online community solely for the purpose of announcing information that is deemed ostensibly newsworthy. News that is released through MCN will be featured through many reputable media outlets and will provide all informative and necessary information for spectating and current clientele.

Aside from this recently constructed partnership with Marijuana Advertising, this alliance brings into the limelight MCN’s true marketing approach by encouraging their clients to act on decisions that are meant to directly improve their business results. By bringing company news, new client rosters and news releases on innovative new products, MCN believes that the more time a client or outlet takes to learn about you, the more feedback and results you will see. By featuring over 30,000 journalists, immense exposure to thousands of blogs and newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times, Marijuana Advertising is MCN’s most logical choice to form a companionship with. Medical Cannabis Network C.O.O. John Nicolazzo said, “It has been a long-term goal of The Medical Cannabis Network to help promote and introduce a more modernized and mainstream marketing approach for the medical cannabis industry. By adding the outstanding services provided by Marijuana Advertising to our repertoire, we hope this will bring us to the next level and help with furthering the advancement of our industry by putting real news releases in the hands of real journalists. Shortly following launch, we will also be announcing new a roster of our businesses both weekly and monthly through our brand new news syndicate program that we have set up.”

MCN hopes this is only the mere beginning of an influx of exposure and industry legitimacy. For a long time, there have been many stigmas placed upon the medical cannabis industry, but credibility is not something that can be questioned any longer. With Marijuana Advertising, MCN assures you that all news and information is brought to you in the most credible and professional fashion with absolutely no grey area.

With the announcement of a new press release program, the Medical Cannabis Network hopes to expand and reach out on a more personal and functional level to those within the medical cannabis industry and clients alike. Nicolazzo explains that because the Internet has become most individual’s main informatory source, true marketing and a broader horizon become an absolute necessity. “With the Internet taking shape as major role player in the way people explore and research various bits of information, you simply must adapt to the times and begin to expand or broaden your online horizons. With PR Web serving as our online press release distribution service, this not only helps The Medical Cannabis Network become a distinguished, trustworthy and household name, but it also helps spread the word about the many upcoming and innovative developments within our organization,” says John Nicolazzo.