Expands Dispensary Selection

As an organization always seeking to improve the experiences of medical cannabis patients, has expanded its dispensary selection to include more than 1,200 shops throughout the country.

For patients who live in legal states, this means they now have more information at their fingertips to make an informed decision about the dispensary they choose to visit. For dispensary owners, provides a way to reach a broader audience of prospective customers and assist more of the patients they got into business to serve.

Increasing Patients’ Access to Updated Dispensary Information

With 29 states and Washington, D.C. having legalized medical marijuana, more and more patients are discovering the plant’s natural healing abilities can soothe the medical conditions and symptoms they may have been dealing with for years. Thanks to the recent addition of hundreds of dispensary descriptions to, patients can now browse through more choices for where to purchase their medicine.

These descriptions include details about each dispensary’s:

  • Menu options
  • Business hours
  • Location
  • Contact information
  • Atmosphere
  • Staff members
  • History
  • Delivery and pick-up options
  • Discounts and specials
  • Patient and customer requirements
  • Extracurricular events
  • Educational opportunities
  • Telemedicine services
  • And more

With all this information so easily accessible for patients, they can likely choose the best shop for them without ever leaving the house.

Boosting Dispensaries’ Exposure and Business

This addition also benefits the dispensaries that are currently listed on the site, as their businesses will receive increased exposure. More patients will likely turn to the extensive, detailed list on when searching for dispensary information.

Owners of the dispensaries listed on the site can also claim and customize their listings to add any details that may be missing. By claiming a listing, the owner can refresh it periodically to match the shop’s current inventory, add new products, update store hours, manage appointment requests and make any other changes. By making their listings more specific, owners can present their shops to more people, thus helping more patients find the relief they deserve.

Find a Dispensary on

Patients who have recently been approved for medical marijuana in their state can find the best dispensary near them on using the simple search database. Dispensary owners interested in claiming their listing or adding their shop to the site should register now.