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Marijuana Doctors Staff


Jason Draizin
Founder, CEO

Jason Draizin is the Founder and CEO of the Medical Cannabis Network and In 2010, he recognized the need for technological privacy and systematic processing in the medical cannabis marketplace. He founded, a secure portal for qualifying patients looking to connect and schedule an appointment with medical marijuana-certified physicians. has assisted hundreds of thousands of patients to see a qualified doctor across the country.



Glenn BeierleGlenn Beierle
Systems Administrator | Security Officer

Glenn is the liaison between Sales, Operations, Marketing, Compliance, Partners/Vendors, Information Technology and Administration. He assists with Accounting, Salesforce.Com Administration, Account Management, Marketing & Website Development while working with Sales & Operations. After attending the School of Visual Arts during his junior and senior year of high school, he became well versed in the digital landscape, going on to complete his Bachelors of Science in Fine Arts from Farmingdale State College. After completing his BFA in Editorial Design with a minor in Branding & Marketing, he soon found himself on the Operations side. While Glenn was designing logos, branding companies and developing marketing strategies, he found himself administering the marketing initiatives that go along with them. Culminating with consulting at several companies, building and administering different Salesforce.Com, Marketing Automation and Sales Operations systems.



Raymond M. Correa, Sr.
Chief Operating Officer

Ray manages the day to day operations of He is responsible for formulating organizational and operational strategies to improve the overall efficiency, profitability, and scalability of the business. He collaborates directly with the CEO of and is responsible for articulating the value proposition that the #1 online MMJ referral platform offers to its team, clients, the medical community and marketplace. Ray manages the implementation of strategic relationships along with the execution of the processes necessary for unprecedented growth.



Chad GladueChad Gladue
Systems Developer









Rhys Wescott

Rhys Wescott
Lead Account Manager, Sales

Rhys Wescott is the lead account manager at He specializes in helping medical professionals incorporate medical cannabis into their practices. This includes helping them with online marketing, patient acquisition / retention and fine tuning their office work flows to create the efficiencies that help drive success. He started with on our patient support line, guiding prospective patients through the process of becoming a legal patient in their respective states. This has given him a unique insight into the patient experience as well as a broad knowledge of varying laws throughout the country. Rhys graduated with a BFA from Alfred University in 2009, and enjoys road cycling in his spare time.






Tyler Raguseo
Specialist, Operations









Zena Mamun
Executive Assistant, Operations









Rupal Gadkar
Representative, Business Development









Hugo Iriarte
Junior Developer, Web









Vincent Guido
Vice President, Sales









Brendan O’Callaghan
Manager, Sales









Eric Schulman
Account Executive, Sales









Anthony DeDona
Account Executive, Sales









Andrew Smith
Account Executive, Sales










Updated on January 18, 2019