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Great service. My nurse came to me. Thank you so very much. A real life saver and God send.


I am so grateful for Marijuana Doctors for giving me the information and referrals I need to get treated for breast cancer with cannabis instead of harsh chemicals and radiation. I was guided through the whole process and I have been using the sublingual tincture with 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, and I am feeling fantastic.


The process was all new to me and also the state of New York. I wanted to thank Marijuana Doctors for making this a pleasant and seamless process. I had no idea what to do, but I requested an appointment and was seen immediately. Thanks to Dr. Robert Milanes for guiding me along the correct path and being compassionate about my health. I had my NYS certification mailed to me within four days of my appointment. Thanks again!


Thank you for making this process a great one! At first, I was skeptical because I just couldn’t see this being an easy process at all. But I was completely wrong. It was seamless and on point. I didn’t have any issues finding a doctor in my area and scheduling was extremely quick and easy. I chose Dr. Dye at Boston Alternative Wellness in Brookline, MA. The staff are amazing and very professional. I ran over an hour late, and they still managed to take me. Dr. Dye is very knowledgeable and has great “bedside manner”, which let’s face it, more and more doctors are losing patience with their patients but not Dr. Dye. He and his staff made me feel comfortable and explained the process entirely. Based on my experiences with and Boston Alternative Wellness, I would highly recommend both for anyone who is looking for alternative methods for pain management.


I was looking for a place to get my MMMP card. I found Marijuana Doctors, and they sent me to the AMMA Medical Clinic. I loved it. I was not there forever. It was a great experience, and I will be sending my friends.


Hello. I would like to say that I have had a pleasant experience with this website. They have been very helpful. I told them I was older, and they walked me through the steps I needed to do. Everyone did what they said. In today’s environment, that is a rare and good thing for people to have a genuine concern. Thank you.


I signed into this website, and I was pointed in the direction of The Card Clinic. I must say it was such a relief to be treated like an adult seeking a solution to a medical issue and not a criminal looking to score. Various doctors throughout my search for pain relief have just shoved more and more pills at me–regardless of the side effects and lack of relief. Cannabis is the only substance that has relieved my pain consistently over the last 35 years. I almost died from an opiate overdose, but that didn’t matter to doctors tied to big pharma. Anyway, I am so thankful to Linda and the doctor at The Card Clinic for treating me like an adult, getting me the help I need to live a meaningful pain-free existence and taking the time to help me navigate the waters in this new world. I am eternally grateful!


Getting my medication has never been easier! Thanks!


I am a 53 year old woman with chronic pain from a broken leg and many open fractures. My other leg had a transplant now, and I am bone on bone. I’ve had many car accidents, motorcycle accidents as a passenger and digestive issues that give me nausea 24-7. I always say “It’s the quality of life, not the quantity”. So one doctor called me, from I guess this site. He wanted $1,000 fee to certify me. I had to say “no, thank you”. I then found a doctor in Farmingville, Suffolk County. He only charged $250. It was worth it as other doctors are charging $300-$500. We went into great detail about my pain, nausea injury and weight loss. He explained products differed from smoking. I found Dr. Mitchell Ehrlich to be kind, understanding and informative, and his staff was very kind. I was very comfortable. I am waiting on my card. I would like to THANK the Marijuana Doctors for helping me to find a certified doctor in my area. I was searching since July 2015. I am looking forward to receiving my card in the mail. I think this is the answer to my suffering and many others’ needless suffering.


Great, quick and helpful.


First, I was hesitant and confused on how to apply for a card, but thankfully, Marijuana Doctors helped me with all the steps on how to apply and meet the doctor. I was approved, and now my chronic pain is being helped. Thank you.


You guys keep up the good work helping patients finding doctors for their medical marijuana needs. I have found the best in Mich. Amma-warren. They are friendly, clean and have a safe environment with onsite docs and appts. Made it easy. Need people like you so people like us do not get steered wrong, for sure. Thank you again, and keep up the good work.


I called because I had a bunch of questions about the medical process in becoming a legal patient. To say the least, Marijuana Doctors helped me from start to finish and explained the whole process to me without incident, thanks MD!


As an adult patient, I have several auto-immune conditions which medical marijuana has provided numerous benefits, physically and especially emotionally due to the constant distress caused by my conditions. The program has been great for me, even with all of the uncertainty in Montana recently. has been really great, and helped me find the proper forms I need for renewing my application to the state. I also will be using the MyDoc program to see my own doctor for my renewal certification. Thanks again! has helped us to establish our practice as a leader in the state. Adding our location to their website gave us instant credibility as well as helped to jump-start our growth in this booming sector.


Thanks to, we were able to open up more office days for scheduling appointments!


The business & customer support provided by the team is unheralded in and outside of the medical marijuana community. We have had nothing but positive experiences since listing our clinic’s profile on their website.


We are 100% satisfied with the services provided by! They have exceeded every one of our expectations and they continue to impress us with their never-ending innovations for the industry.


Using to select the best practice for my ailments was a lot less stressful than anticipated. I was able to meet with the doctor the very next day!


With, finding a certified physician to sign my medical marijuana paperwork couldn’t have been easier!


From pre-qualifying to evaluation, I found everything that I need in one convenient process, thank you!


Finally, a helpful & informative website! answered all of my medical marijuana questions and helped me schedule an appointment with an accredited doctor in my area.


I was surfing the web for information on medical marijuana. Your site appears to add much-needed legitimacy and requisite resource for this evolving field of alternative therapy. is by far the most comprehensive and informative site out there, which made me confident I made the right choice. I was especially impressed with their search capabilities. I was able to find several qualified doctors right in my area.


I had no idea how to get a medical cannabis prescription—it seemed so confusing. But simplified the entire process.