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Medical Marijuana for Kidney Disease - Marijuana Doctors

Chronic pain is not only common, but is also a debilitating symptom for many patients who suffer from chronic kidney disease. Opioids can help manage the pain, ...Read More ›

Medical Marijuana for Crohn's Disease | Marijuana Doctors

... disease either as a primary or complementary treatment to this chronic and debilitating condition. Medical Cannabis for Crohn's Disease. Cannabis has many ...Read More ›

Texas Patients? This is the News You Were Waiting For

Nov 13, 2020 ... Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); Chronic Pain. The fact that chronic pain is not on the list of Texas's qualifying health conditions is ...Read More ›

chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD

Best Strains of Marijuana to Use for COPD Symptoms and Treatment Side Effects · Lavender Kush · Dynamite · Black Magic Kush · Chem Dog · Blueberry · Alien ...Read More ›

Medical Marijuana for Alzheimers Disease - Marijuana Doctors

Medical cannabis has proven to be beneficial for many chronic, degenerative conditions, including Alzheimer's disease. This is encouraging news for patients and ...Read More ›

Marijuana for Wasting Syndrome - Marijuana Doctors

... chronic obstructive lung disease, congestive heart failure and familial amyloid polyneuropathy. ... When you have a serious chronic illness, you don't always feel ...Read More ›

Medical Marijuana for Cervical Disk Disease | Marijuana Doctors

Depression and Anxiety: Those suffering from severe DDD or chronic pain often end up experiencing depression, anxiety and other psychological symptoms. CBD can ...Read More ›

Marijuana for Chronic Renal Failure - Marijuana Doctors

Chronic kidney disease attacks the nephrons, causing damage. This damage can leave your kidneys in a state where they can't eliminate waste. Medications, ...Read More ›

Cannabichromene (CBC) | What is Cannabichromene | Marijuana ...

It's important to understand the facts about cannabis – especially for those who have a chronic illness or a debilitating disease. Even if you're not suffering ...Read More ›

Chronic Pain Research Studies | Medical Marijuana Research Studies

We consider pain chronic when it lasts beyond a disease or injury, or when it occurs as part of a chronic condition. Chronic pain can cause sleep issues, mood ...Read More ›