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Medical Cannabis Testimonials

Medical Marijuana Testimonials

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hello my name is Claudio G. age 23. since about the age of 2 i was prescribed medications for what they called ADHD/ADD,then bipolar, depression, anxeitiety/panic attacks, uncontorlled anger, fatigue. and more were prescribed for the conitions that the original medications caused. through the years the effects of these medications seemed to only make things worse as i got older i was prescribed: aderall, vivanse, xanex, clonopin, atavan, depakote, valproic acid, lexapro, abalify, ambian, seroquil, clonidine, concerta, celexa, cymbalta, diazipam, effexor, flexeril, geodon, risperidal, ritilan, lorazapin, nexium, trazadone, topomax, welbutrin, and Zoloft .. at the age of 19 i started using medicaly precreibed cannabis along with the prescribed medications daily. and at age 20 to present 0 precribed drugs and only medical cannabis weekly… when i was instutionalized i was FORCED to take multiple medications, FORCED to comply or be FORCED to be locked in a room until i was FORCED to take more medications.
claudio gonzalez II – twentynine palms, CA

I was looking for a place to get my mmmp card came on marijuana doctors and they sent me to the AMMA Medical Clinic I loved it i was not there forever it was a great experience i will be sending my friends
Debbie Leone – Sterling heights, AK

After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2003, I was on the typical prescribed medications associated with the treatment for this disease. Four years into my diagnosed I tried marijuana to find better relief for insomnia, depression, muscle and tendon pain associated with PD to get away from all the side effects from the FDA approved drugs. The only medicine prescribed I take today besides marijuana is Carbidopa Levodopa. Cannabis is a miracle plant! I even believe my progression has slowed down. Because of my success and experience with this plant, I have become an advocate for medicinal use and a member of LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. I even authored my story in “Marijuana for Parkinson’s Disease” .
Richard Secklin – Milwaukee, WI

I have had severe Crohn’s Disease for the past 35 years. Over that period I have had so many surgeries to remove diseased intestine. I have about half of my intestines left and the disease just keeps attacking the healthy tissue. I have been on and am currently on medication to treat the disease but it has not been effective. I became physically addicted to pain medication because it was the only thing available to me that is legal. I got to a point that I had no options left and out of desperation used medical marijuana. It is so helpful with many symptoms and does not have the harmful and potentially deadly side effects that other medications I have tried have. It is amazing to me that this is not well known in the medical profession. My GI doctor had never even heard of this until I told him. He told me that if it improves my quality of life that I should use it. It is illegal where I live so I have to obtain it through non-legal channels. I really would like to know more about what I am putting into my body but have to take what I am able to get. In some states dispensaries actually test different strains and the patient knows the quality and quantity of different compounds in the medicine. I look forward to the time when this is the standard. In my state I would go to prison for using this medicine. Step over a state line and it is no problem. What is wrong with this picture?
Russell – Oshkosh, WI

I am a Medical user and I highly recomend it for migranes. I think medical Marijuana should be legalized throughout the USA. It has a lot of benefits.
Dan Pric – berkeley, CA

I suffer from Crohn’s disease, and have tried several medicines over the years, but nothing seemed to work. Last year my doctor recommended I try using medical marijuana, and I haven’t had a flare up since.
David P. – Sacramento, CA

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