Tennessee Medical Marijuana

Information About Medical Marijuana in Tennessee

Sadly two separate attempts to legalize medical marijuana in the Tennessee failed in 2014. First Senate Bill 4264 died when the legislature adjourned its session on March 14, 2014. Next House Bill 1385 died when it failed a vote in the state senate Health Subcommittee by a vote of 6-2.

MarijuanaDoctors.com encourages Tennessee residents and patients to join our state specific wait list so that we may keep you informed on the latest legislative happenings in regards to medical marijuana. By signing up to our wait list patients will be the first ones contacted when we add any local physicians to our network. 

Tennessee Qualification

Find out Who Qualifies for Marijuana in Tennessee in our definitive guide of Tennessee's qualification guidelines. Read up on medical conditions that are covered under Tennessee's medical marijuana program, age restrictions, criminal conviction restrictions, and more.

Tennessee Medical Marijuana Laws

Read Tennessee's Full Medical Marijuana Laws to gain full specific knowledge of Tennessee's exact legal guidelines without interpretation. We suggest that you print Tennessee's Full Medicinal Marijuana Laws for use with our MyDoc program in order to provide your physician full insight into Tennessee's laws for his knowledge.