Tennessee Medical Marijuana Facts

  • While much of the debate to legalize marijuana seems centered around the state of California, a medical marijuana bill was introduced to legislators in Nashville that eventually brought the battle to Middle Tennessee. Under the "Safe Access to Medical Cannabis Act," people suffering from certain medical conditions would be allowed to procure pot with a prescription at the nearest pharmacy. The bill, which was introduced to the state house and senate in September 2010, has yet to go before a committee vote.
  • With more states allowing medical and even recreational cannabis, the federal government has been encouraging safety precautions with tougher restrictions for DUI. To date 14 states have traded their effects-based standard to one that establishes a conviction based on blood test results. A driver impairment law that relies on the presence of a substance is called a per se law.
  • There is a billboard in Tennessee that includes the message “It’s time for an honest discussion about medical marijuana” and depicts an older woman with a small child. She asks if it is “a crime for a grandmother to use medicine to help with her pain.” The billboard is scheduled to be up for at least six months and is in direct relation to having medical marijuana legalized in the state.