Kansas Medical Marijuana

Information Regarding Medical Marijuana in Kansas

At this time Kansas does not have any form of permissible medical marijuana. The most recent efforts to introduce cannabis friendly legislation died when both the state Senate and House of Representatives adjourned on May 3, 2014. Sadly no action was taken on either Senate Bill 9 or House Bill 2198 apart from their initial introduction to their appropriate committees.

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Kansas Qualification

Find out Who Qualifies for Marijuana in Kansas in our definitive guide of Kansas's qualification guidelines. Read up on medical conditions that are covered under Kansas's medical marijuana program, age restrictions, criminal conviction restrictions, and more.

Kansas Medical Marijuana Laws

Read Kansas's Full Medical Marijuana Laws to gain full specific knowledge of Kansas's exact legal guidelines without interpretation. We suggest that you print Kansas's Full Medicinal Marijuana Laws for use with our MyDoc program in order to provide your physician full insight into Kansas's laws for his knowledge.

Kansas Medical Marijuana Card

Find out how to obtain a{n} Kansas Medical Marijuana Card with our guide to Kansas's state medicinal marijuana ID program. Some states require that you obtain your card prior to obtaining your medicine, so read here first to ensure that you know Kansas's requirements.