Alabama Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Laws and Information About Qualifying Conditions in Alabama

Unfortunately Alabama does not have an active medical marijuana program at this time. Thankfully the state of Alabama was one of several states to pass cannabis friendly legislation in regards to its medical uses and therapeutic value. On April 1, 2014 Governor Robert Bentley signed into law Senate Bill 174, commonly known as ‘Carly’s Law’. While Carly’s Law does not legalize medical marijuana it does provide a much needed level of patient protection. The law provides a “defense of necessity” against prosecution for the charge of unlawful possession of marijuana, contingent on several circumstances. The defendant in question must suffer from a “debilitating epileptic” condition and possess or use cannabidiol (CBD) in accordance with a physicians authorized recommendation.

Additionally the law calls for the Department of Neurology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham to establish a “research and development study” in order to examine the possible medical uses and benefits of CBD treatment on individuals suffering from certain seizure related conditions.

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Alabama Qualification

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Alabama Medical Marijuana Laws

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