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Chapter 4: Why Market With

It’s understandable if you feel like you only have a few options when it comes to marijuana advertising, and it’s true that many challenges exist. At, we won’t leave you guessing. We’re here to help you succeed and connect you to consumers.


We’ve been here from the early days of marijuana legalization, and we have established a name synonymous with reliability, trust and security in the cannabis industry. Our site was founded to support patients seeking legitimate cannabis-certified doctors and to provide answers to pressing questions about medical marijuana.

We aim to make the recommendation process easy, comforting and transparent for patients, physicians and dispensaries. So far, we’ve helped certify more than 237,000 patients, and that number continues to grow.

We understand it’s not easy to enter the industry when so much uncertainty exists, but we are excited to guide you. So, why advertise with MD? Let’s get started.

How Has Grown Its Presence?

When an individual has a question about marijuana, whether they are a medical marijuana patient or not, they visit MD to find the answers they need. As marijuana becomes more prominent in communities across the country, our audience expands. Here is how we’ve grown over the past years, and reasons we will continue to do so.

  1. Increased Traffic Growth

We are the top-ranked search listing for many keywords related to medical marijuana, so it’s easy for those who search the web for answers to find us. This, plus our extensive network of patients, doctors and dispensaries has helped our traffic grow substantially. Since 2016, we’ve experienced:

  • Over 56 percent increase in total visits, from 3,675,514 to 5,756,757.
  • Fifty-five percent increase in total users, from 2,754,984 to 4,270,309.
  • Over 46 percent increase in page views, from 11,125,764 to 16,256,735.

Our social media presence continues to grow as well, as cannabis becomes more popular and accepted. Currently, we have:

Consumers are looking for answers. They want easy-to-understand resources to educate them about cannabis and its history, effects and methods of use. They want reliable connections to doctors and dispensaries that are looking for customers but aren’t sure how to advertise. They know they can find what they need on this site.

  1. Present on Industry-Relevant Sites

recommended in High Times and featured on the National Cannabis Industry Association’s blog, as well as other industry-related sites.

  1. Seen on Major News Networks

We’ve caught the attention of major news networks over the years, and have been featured on:

  • ABC
  • CNBC
  • Good Morning America
  • Bloomberg
  • Daily News
  • CNN
  • CBS
  1. Partnered With Industry Leaders and Experts

We proudly belong to the following organizations:

  • American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine (AACM)
  • The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA)
  • The Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA)
  • The Marijuana Business Association (MJBA)
  • Affinity Bio Partners (ABP)
  • The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)
  • Americans for Safe Access (ASA)
  1. Committed to Organic Growth

We are committed to continual organic growth, and we plan to support growth through our:

  • Dedication to excellent customer service
  • Commitment to increasing traffic more each year
  • Commitment to reaching a wider audience by continuously adding new, informative content to the site and staying up to date on the latest news and research
  • Focus on expanding our network of doctors, patients and dispensaries

Who Uses MD?

All kinds of people use MD, whether they are looking for information about a specific medical marijuana treatment or want to find a certified doctor in their area easily. To break it down, here’s the majority of our site subscribers and visitors:

  • Patients: Patients who want to learn more about obtaining a medical marijuana card, laws in their states, or how to connect with a doctor or dispensary use MD.
  • Family members: Family members of medical marijuana patients visit MD to find reliable information and resources.
  • Marijuana-certified physicians: Qualifying physicians who want to reach patients and schedule appointments easily and legally join MD.
  • Non-certified physicians: Physicians who are considering a medical marijuana certification use MD as a resource.
  • Dispensaries: Dispensaries and companies that want to connect with physicians and patients, and safely advertise their products and to drive traffic to their site use MD.
  • Anyone who is looking for information: Anyone who is curious about legal marijuana and wants accurate, helpful information is drawn to MD.

Why Are People Using MD?

There are many marijuana industry resources on the web. Patients, doctors and dispensaries choose MD over other sources and networks for the following reasons:

  • MD was the first online network to connect doctors with patients.
  • MD is a trusted name in an emerging industry.
  • MD already has an established online presence.
  • MD is committed to growth, and it shows in the content and customer satisfaction.
  • MD is easy-to-use, convenient and secure.
  • MD offers compassionate customer service and a resource-rich database to help site visitors navigate new, and often confusing, territory.
  • MD makes it easy for patients to find doctors and dispensaries they can trust.

How Is MD Adapting With the Marijuana Industry?

Laws and perspectives frequently change in the cannabis industry. We make a constant effort to educate consumers about the newest regulations and research and to stay connected with consumers as viewpoints evolve. Some of the ways we adapt to a developing industry include the following.

  1. Creating New Advertising Outlets

MD not only educates patients about products but promotes products for dispensaries and targets audiences depending on the nature of their condition.

  1. Continually Creating New Content

MD keeps track of the latest marijuana news and regulations and any changes that have been made, so our customers don’t have to waste time doing research. We upload new content to the site as well as popular social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

  1. Regularly Contacting Users

We keep in touch with site users and subscribers via email and blog posts to keep them informed and connected. Site visitors can sign up to receive free monthly newsletters to stay updated on recent changes or current scientific findings.

Why Should You Market With MD Instead of Other Available Options?

MD makes it easy and secure for patients to connect with doctors, shop and browse resources.


Unlike platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, MD users can book a telemedicine visit, stay on top of medical marijuana patient requirements, fulfill medical marijuana recommendations and schedule a delivery.

Patients and physicians turn to MD as a trusted name. Your company will benefit from all the features MD offers patients and physicians.

Why Is Marketing With MD More Beneficial Than Other Platforms?

Here are MD features you can’t find with other platforms:

  • Customer support: MD offers unparalleled customer support and clear advertising guidelines.
  • Expertise: Other cannabis advertising networks are not established like MD and do not offer the same level of knowledge.
  • Traffic: MD has seen a recent surge in online traffic.
  • Reliability: MD is a reliable source of information not only for individuals who already use marijuana products but also for new patients who have many questions and concerns.
  • Dispensary features: Your company will benefit from the unique features MD offers through the dispensary portal.
  • Patient relationships: You’ll have the ability to consult with patients online — a convenient feature that patients appreciate but other popular platforms do not offer.
  • Connections: Your virtual dispensary listing will act as an individual landing page on the MD site helping you connect with thousands of patients.
  • Success tracking: From the producer dashboard, you can track the success of your campaign exactly like Google Ads — without the threat of getting banned.
  • Email campaigns: You’ll get to use email campaigns to spread the word about your business.
  • Detailed insight: You’ll receive detailed information, such as cities with the highest search volumes, to help you choose a dispensary location. MD also provides information about establishing an online presence with geo-targeted territories.
  • Protection: You’ll enjoy protection against liability — not the case with other platforms.
  • Savings: MD members enjoy a streamlined process, saving you time and money.

MD strives to help dispensaries succeed, not like other platforms that work to keep dispensaries off their sites.

How Is MD Acting as a Solution for Companies That Have No Other Marketing Options?

Any cannabis company could become anxious over the thought of advertising. There are so many vague regulations, and one mistake could be disastrous for a company’s reputation or budget.


MD takes the stress out of interpreting rules and regulations. With MD, companies do not have to worry about dodging fines or losing social media followers — they can advertise in peace. They can focus more on developing quality products and building brand awareness at their own pace while MD takes care of the rest.

MD was created to help the medical marijuana industry grow, and to help patients find answers and assistance. MD has the same commitment to helping dispensaries find effective marketing solutions.

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