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Did you know that Pennsylvania has one of the most patient-inclusive lists of qualifying health conditions compared to other states across the country? Regen America: Centers for Regenerative Medicine provides health evaluation services for patients who may be eligible to participate in the State of Pennsylvania medical marijuana program. 

Many Americans who have not found pharmaceutical treatments to effectively manage chronic pain and other debilitating health conditions are looking into some new alternative medicine options. We help patients become certified for a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card from our office located in Brookhaven. We provide online marijuana card health evaluations for patients.

Can My Employer Find Out That I Am a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card Holder?

A health evaluation is required to register as a medical marijuana patient in Pennsylvania. During your appointment, your medical records are handled in accordance with HIPAA requirements. This means that your private health information is secure, and will not be shared.

One of the most common questions asked by prospective patients is whether they can be fired from a job for using medical cannabis. The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act (Act 16) provides legal protection for medical marijuana patients living in PA. Employers cannot discriminate against patients who participate in the medical marijuana program.

When you receive your medical marijuana card, you are granted the legal privilege to purchase, possess, and consume medical cannabis. Employers cannot see a list of patients in Pennsylvania who are participating in the medical cannabis program; your health information is confidential.

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Pre-Visit Requirements
  1. Ensure that you have at least one piece of government-issued photo identification.
  2. Our physician will need to review your health history; please provide a copy from your primary care provider. 1-3 years of health record information is recommended.
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What Can I Expect During My Medical Marijuana Card Health Evaluation?

The purpose of a health evaluation by a board-certified practitioner is to make sure that each patient who is licensed for medical cannabis in Pennsylvania meets the qualifying health conditions and safety requirements for participation in the program. These include anxiety disorders, Parkinson’s disease, HIV/AIDS, and Crohn’s Disease.

During your medical marijuana health evaluation with Regen America, our physician will review your health history. If chronic pain is the primary concern for symptom management, the physician may ask you to complete a pain inventory, to understand the severity and frequency of your symptoms.

Medical cannabis may or may not be the right choice for your health needs, depending on your current and past diagnoses, lifestyle, and current prescription medications. The health evaluation is required to become a certified medical marijuana patient in Pennsylvania and it is an important step for the health and well being of patients. We provide online telemedicine health evaluations from three locations in Pennsylvania.

Once you have successfully completed your telemedicine health evaluation, you will receive a letter of recommendation from our practitioner. Patients will need to upload this letter to The Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) to apply for certification as a medical marijuana patient. Ask our team for more information about the next steps of the registration process.

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