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When you are planning to start the process of becoming a registered medical marijuana patient in Oklahoma, it is important to choose a practitioner that has the training to provide qualified recommendations. Many patients are not certain about the best type of medical cannabis to use for chronic pain, neuropathy, or treatment of hypertension.

Our physician at MD Custom Cannabis in Muskogee, Oklahoma has completed the “Cannabis Core Curriculum Dosage Protocols and Methodologies” certification. This comprehensive training helps our medical team provide the best advice about medical marijuana therapeutic treatments for our patients.

There are a few different requirements to become certified as a medical marijuana patient in Oklahoma, depending on your age, whether you are an American military veteran, or a caregiver (parent or legal guardian) responsible for a child. 

MD Custom Cannabis in Muskogee, OK, provides telemedicine online medical marijuana health evaluations that help patients obtain or renew their medical marijuana card.

For more information, visit our website MD Custom Cannabis.

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Pre-Visit Requirements
  1. Be 18+ years of age.
  2. Proof of residency in Oklahoma must be provided.
  3. Patients must be diagnosed with a qualifying condition under OK state law.
  4. Medical records for a period of at least 1-3 years must be provided.
  5. Please call the office directly if you have any questions. The helpful staff at MD Custom Cannabis are knowledgable on all things related to medical marijuana in OK and aim to help patients navigate the guidelines set forth by the state of Oklahoma.
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The Four Types of Marijuana Doctor Appointments Available at MD Custom Cannabis

1. New Patient Evaluation
If it is your first time applying to become registered as a patient with the Office of Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) in Oklahoma, you will need to provide your health records for a period of at least 1-3 years. Our physician will review your health history, current symptom management needs, and prescription medications to determine if you qualify. This evaluation will determine whether medical marijuana may help relieve your symptoms.

2. New Patient Evaluation for Minors or American Veterans
When a minor under the age of 18 has a chronic health condition and debilitating symptoms that may benefit from therapeutic cannabis treatments, a caregiver must be designated for the patient. The caregiver will complete the application on behalf of the patient.

According to Oklahoma law, only a parent or legal guardian who takes direct care of the child on a daily basis may apply as a caregiver and become registered to purchase medical cannabis on behalf of the minor. Caregivers are designated on the patient’s license for a period of two years or less, depending on the health needs of the minor.

There is no application cost for a caregiver medical marijuana license in Oklahoma.
American military veterans who are 100% disabled must provide a letter from the Veteran’s Administration confirming disability status. After the letter has been added to the patient’s file with OMMA, Veterans will only pay $20 for the application fee.

3. Medical Evaluations for MMJ Card Renewals
The Oklahoma medical marijuana card and license are valid for one year. Prior to the expiration of your Oklahoma MMJ card, you will be required to renew it. This requires a check-up by the supervising physician, which is usually the doctor who provided the initial health evaluation.

Renewals for Oklahoma medical marijuana cards must be completed thirty (30) days before expiration. Please book your health appointment in advance, to ensure that you submit your renewal on time.

4.Temporary Certification for Medical Marijuana
Short-term licenses are a new option for medical marijuana patients in Oklahoma. They can address a temporary health need—such as pain relief following a major surgery—where prescription medications may not be effective. Patients in hospice can also apply for the short-term license. Patients are required to provide a “60-Day Physician Recommendation Form” and pay a $100 application fee to OMMA.