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Medical cannabis treatments are changing lives for patients in Long Island, New York. Dr. Chaudhry is a board-certified and state-approved physician for the NY Medical Marijuana Program. The Long Island Compassionate Medical Center specializes in helping patients with qualifying health conditions achieve symptom relief.

The Long Island Compassionate Medical Center was founded by Dr. Jahan Chaudhry, M.D., in 2015. We are conveniently located at 233 Union Avenue, Suite 206, in Holbrook, New York. The office is a fully-equipped patient care center, providing internal medicine services.

Patients find both Dr. Chaudhry and our staff to be supportive, friendly, and compassionate. We understand the struggles that patients endure, trying to cope with chronic health symptoms. Patients want to know they are working with a physician who cares about getting results. Our team at Long Island Compassionate Medical Center focuses on helping our patients improve their quality of life through alternative therapeutics.

Many of our patients have wholly resolved their pain symptoms, thanks to doctor-supervised medical marijuana use.

What Are Qualifying Health Conditions in New York?

Before you can apply to become a registered patient in the New York Medical Marijuana Program, you must have a qualifying health condition. The health conditions are determined by the New York State Department of Health (DOH).

Some of the qualifying health conditions that can make you eligible to receive a NY medical marijuana card include:

Explore the full list of qualifying health conditions. Patients may have more than one qualifying condition to apply for a New York medical marijuana card.

Pre-Visit Requirements for Patients

Before you schedule your medical card health evaluation with us, please make sure you have completed the pre-visit requirements. This will help us conduct a comprehensive evaluation and help you progress to the next step of getting your NY marijuana card if you are eligible.

Please make sure that you:

1. Have a valid government-issued photo identification.
2. Have an accessible and private email address.
3. Have a passport picture ready. You can take one at home with a smartphone app.
4. Have valid proof that you are a resident of the state of New York.

Patients are also required to provide health records from the primary care provider (PCP). Please contact our office for more information about your health records’ secure transfer before your medical card evaluation.

Can I Change from Prescription Pain Medications to Medical Marijuana?

Many patients are looking to alternative methods of managing pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and other debilitating symptoms. If you have relied on opioid medications for long-term use, you may find over time that they become less effective.

Patients are often concerned about the side-effects of prescription-strength NSAIDs and opioid medications. Many clinical studies have shown that medical marijuana can be far more effective at providing relief from chronic pain, without many of the risks associated with long-term opioid medication use.

Why Do I Need to See a Physician to Get My Medical Card in New York?

While medical marijuana has few to no side-effects for most patients, it is legally required to get a health certification. The health evaluation is an important step. It helps ensure that patients who are approved will not have contraindications or problems using cannabis. And to check to make sure there is no conflict with current prescription medications.

The health certification provided by Long Island Compassionate Medical center takes only 25-minutes. Patients are required to provide information before they attend their medical card appointment. Before your meeting, Dr. Chaudry will review current prescriptions and other information from your primary care provider.

During your cannabis card certification appointment, you may be asked to complete pain or anxiety inventories. They are short multiple-choice tests that can help determine the severity and frequency of symptoms you may experience. Health history (heredity), lifestyle considerations (diet, exercise, etc.), and other information will be discussed.

At the end of your health evaluation, Dr. Chaudhry will determine whether medical cannabis can provide some relief for your symptoms. And help you reach your wellness and pain relief goals.

  • A friendly and caring medical team
  • Experienced in general medicine and chronic pain
  • 100% confidential and HIPAA-compliant NY marijuana card health evaluations
  • A convenient and accessible location in Holbrook, New York
  • Veterans receive a discount on evaluation services


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Pre-Visit Requirements
  1. Must have at least 1 of the qualifying conditions as outlined by the NY Medical Marijuana Program.
  2. Must have medical records showing your exact diagnosis; send by fax or email or simply bring in copies to the appointment. Just 1-2 pages dated in the last 12 months would be sufficient.
  3. If you are having difficulty in obtaining your medical records, please complete a medical records release and send it to the doctor who has your records.
  4. Confirm that we have received medical records, or bring them to your appointment
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Long Island Compassionate Medical Center was founded by Dr. Chaudhry M.D. Board Certified in Internal Medicine, as well as specializing in Geriatric Medicine. Dr. Chaudhry and his professional staff are committed to providing individualized care and will go the extra mile to properly educate patients about their treatment options. Currently, Long Island Compassionate Medical Center is one out of a handful of medical offices on Long Island, providing a comfortable setting for patients to discuss the use of medical marijuana for their qualifying medical condition. 

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