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A local wellness resource in Newark, New Jersey, Anti-Aging Wellness MD provides a variety of natural and holistic services for our patients. We all want to stay young and healthy. At Anti-Aging Wellness MD we believe the secret to youth and longevity starts within. We provide our patients with wellness and integrative medicine services provided by a board-certified physician.

Our integrative health services in Newark include medical marijuana card health evaluations. Staying young and living your healthiest life, takes an external and internal preventative medicine strategy. During our medical marijuana card evaluations, we review current diagnosis with past health problems, heredity, and prescription medications you are currently taking.

If you are a patient that suffers from symptoms of anxiety or depression, you may be asked to complete a survey to determine the severity of your mental health issue. If chronic pain is part of your health profile, we may administer a clinical ‘pain scale’ or survey to help us learn more about your pain management goals. And then we will help you develop a strategy to find relief.

Why Do I Need a Doctors Appointment to Get a New Jersey MMJ Card?

Many patients who have chronic pain or health symptoms that significantly impact daily life, seek alternative medical therapies. The long-term use of opioids is not safe according to many clinical studies. In some cases, NSAIDs and opioids have been found to increase nerve sensitivity and pain. Our medical marijuana card health evaluation at Anti-Aging Wellness MD in Newark will help you determine if medical marijuana may offer wellness benefits for you. Or if is a choice that may be safer than opioids to treat your health conditions.

Certain strains of medical cannabis are preferred by patients with severe health conditions. After your medical evaluation, if you meet the ‘safe-use’ criteria to participate in the New Jersey Medicinal Marijuana Program, you will be able to register with the program online and receive your NJ medical marijuana card. Medical dispensaries are full of experienced staff to help you take the next steps, and find the products that work best for you.

What Kind of Questions Will I Be Asked In a NY Marijuana Health Evaluation?

The health evaluation for Newark patients at Anti-Aging Wellness MD is comfortable and relaxing. The whole evaluation only takes thirty (30) minutes on average. We ask that our patients provide a copy of 1-2 years of health records where possible. This helps our physician to better understand your wellness and symptom management needs.

Before you attend your health evaluation, please make sure to have at least one piece of government-issued photo identification with you. You will also need access to an email account, to help complete the registration process with guidance from our physician.

Should I Wait for Recreational Marijuana to Become Legal in New Jersey?

If you are a permanent resident of New Jersey with one of the qualifying health conditions required by the State of New Jersey Medicinal Marijuana Program, you can apply to receive your MMJ card.

While New Jersey may see recreational marijuana pass into law, there are many reasons why patients would want to get their card instead. First, if you have chronic health conditions, you will want to work with the same physician, so that we can monitor any changes to your health. If symptoms change, the type of medical cannabis you use therapeutically may also change.

Your physician at Anti-Aging Wellness MD in Newark will help you keep tabs on that. We work to help you find your best response to chronic pain and other health challenges. New Jersey is phasing out all state taxes on medical cannabis over the next two years. Registered patients will be able to purchase medical marijuana tax-free.

Schedule your medical marijuana doctor appointment in Newark with our team at Anti-Aging Wellness MD.

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