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  • First Visit: $125
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  • Follow Up Visit: $0
  • Visit Length: 30 minutes
  • Renewal: $75
  • Insurance Accepted: No
  • Discount Price: $75
  • Years in Practice: 1
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Elevate Holistics is a full-service online medical marijuana clinic that provides patients in Crestwood, MO and all other patients in Missouri with fast, efficient, and convenient medical cannabis evaluations. Patients diagnosed with a qualifying condition can request a medical marijuana evaluation and meet with one of their state-licensed physicians in as little as 30 minutes. If the patient is approved, they will receive a written recommendation for medical marijuana use and they may then apply for a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card. Patients all over Missouri and the USA have been experiencing therapeutic effects from medical cannabis-based products; many report an increase in quality of life and some have even returned to their lifestyle before initial diagnosis. To begin on the journey to wellness, request an appointment today with Elevate Holistics.

The physician will review the patient's medical records or medical history prior to the evaluation. Medical records are not required; if unavailable, the patient must make a good faith effort to accurately convey their medical history to the physician.

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Monday: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Pre-Visit Requirements
  1. Book your appointment using the “Book a Telemedicine Appointment” button. You'll pay using a credit card at the time of booking. At this stage, you'll select if you want to add the full-service add-on for an additional $25. With this add-on, we'll manage the application process with the state and monitor whether it gets approved or denied and fix those problems for you.
  2. Fill out your intake & health history form (no medical records needed) that is in your confirmation email. Immediately after booking, you'll receive a confirmation email that has a link to your intake forms & the URL link that you'll follow to visit with the doctor in a video room. The intake form link says "Elevate Intake Form" and the link to the video room contains Without the intake form & health history forms, we can't let you see the doctor or get you your recommendation.
  3. At the time of your appointment, go into your confirmation email and click the videoconferencing link. You'll be prompted to enter the video room with your name.
  4. Please wait for the doctor to start the video conference.
  5. If approved, you should receive your medical marijuana recommendation via email the same day as your appointment.

Within 24 hours of a full-service appointment being made, an Elevate Holistics team member will reach out via text or email about confirming your email with the OMMA. Then, we will upload all necessary information to the application and inform you when it is time to log in to submit the application. You will be required to log in using the email and password combination you've given us to complete the transaction. We are able to make your payment over the phone if you prefer; this requires us to log in to your account and you will need to give us your credit card information so that we can submit the application.

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We provide a solely telemedicine operation for medical cannabis evaluations. Our team offers assistance with the application process and helps people who don't feel comfortable using unfamiliar technologies such as telehealth portals. Our goal is to be able to see patients as quickly and comfortably as possible, and within the same or next day, turn in medical cannabis applications to the state. Every patient will see our medical marijuana doctors via telemedicine, either from the comfort of your own home or from one of our designated locations using our own iPads. We have medical marijuana certified doctors available all over the state with partners that are happy to help.

Elevate Holistics provides telehealth evaluations for all Missouri residents. Meet with a certified medical marijuana physician online from anywhere in Missouri from Kansas City, Springfield, and Jefferson City, to Crestwood and Washington.

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