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Pre-Visit Requirements
  1. Complete medical records release and send it to the doctor who has your records
  2. Confirm that we have received medical records, or bring them to your appointment
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Located in O’Fallon, Missouri, is trusted by patients to provide affordable health evaluations. If you are a patient who would like to explore medical marijuana as a treatment option for the relief of painful symptoms, we can help you start the application process to become a registered patient.

When Missouri legalized medical marijuana, it gave patients a new option they could explore. For many Americans, living with chronic pain touches everything they do, from recreational time with family and friends, to employment opportunities. Patients with debilitating chronic disease symptoms sometimes feel “trapped” in their own bodies and victimized by discomfort. Pain can happen at any time, without warning.

One of the problems with prescription drug medications for pain relief is that you have to keep taking them on a schedule. For instance, you may wake up in the morning and feel no pain, but know that once you get moving, or arrive at work, that pain is going to set in. Often this means patients must take an NSAID or opioid pain reliever before they feel pain. And that increases the number of doses a patient will take throughout the day. It also increases how quickly your body can build a tolerance, where pain medications stop working.

Why Medical Cannabis Can Be a Good Option for Missouri Residents with Chronic Disease

We know that opioids come with significant side-effects for most patients. And there is the threat of addiction to prescription medications. There are many ways that Missouri patients can take medical marijuana and use it for relief of their health symptoms.

The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services permits medical marijuana cardholders to purchase:

  • Whole flower (smokable)
  • Edibles and THC / CBD gummies
  • Topical creams
  • Vape cartridges
  • THC and CBD tinctures (drops)
  • THC concentrates

After you have received your medical marijuana card from the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services, you will need to present your card and government-issued photo identification to purchase cannabis products at a dispensary.

Some Patients Want to Keep Their Medical Records Private

When you are getting ready to schedule your medical marijuana health evaluation, you will notice that many clinics require you to provide your health records. You will be asked for about 1-3 years of health history as a pre-visit requirement.

At, we learned that some patients are not comfortable with providing their health information. They want to keep it private, and that is your right as a patient to keep your health records confidential. During our comprehensive telemedicine appointment with you, our physicians are trained to thoroughly review all the important aspects of your health history, current symptoms, and more. We take the time to interview and understand your health conditions and your wellness goals.

During your marijuana card health evaluation with, you will be asked to answer some questions so that our physician can confirm medical marijuana may be helpful for your current health needs. You will not have to get a copy of your health history or divulge that you plan to use cannabis therapeutically to your family doctor (if you want to keep that private).

When you schedule an appointment for your medical marijuana health evaluation, our easy-to-use form will help you upload the documents you will need to provide. That includes a copy (front and back) of your photo ID, proof of permanent residency in Missouri, and a passport quality picture (if our team is helping you register online at your appointment).

  • No medical records needed (we provide a comprehensive telemedicine evaluation)
  • Physicians experienced in medical cannabis therapies and benefits
  • 100% confidential and secure online telemedicine MMJ health evaluations
  • Fast and worry-free help for patients who need access to medical cannabis in Missouri
  • Affordable fees for first-time patients
  • 100% refund if the patient is not approved for a Missouri medical marijuana card