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  • First Visit: $150
  • Booking Fee: $0
  • Follow Up Visit: $50
  • Visit Length: 30 minutes
  • Renewal: $130
  • Insurance Accepted: No
  • Discount Price: $140
  • Years in Practice: 5
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Aner Health Services is available and open to seeing our patients (old and new) via Online Telemedicine from the comfort of your home.

For many decades, the first line of defense for pain management has been prescription opioid medications. Did you know that a recent study revealed that pain receptors can become increasingly sensitized with long-term opioid use? In as little as 4-6 weeks, patients can start to feel more pain, requiring the individual to take more pain medications to relieve the pain. This, in turn, leads to possible addiction over time and no pain relief from prescribed pain medicine.

Our state-certified healthcare providers at Aner Health Services in Baltimore, Maryland are here to help with a more holistic and natural path to healing and pain relief. We have decades of combined experience helping patients adopt better and healthier ways of coping with chronic pain and other state-approved medical conditions.

Aner Health Services Medical Marijuana Pre-Evaluation Requirements

Starting your journey to get your medical marijuana card in Maryland can be easy and effortless with the assistance of our healthcare providers. The first step is to ensure that you have at least one of the qualifying health conditions required.

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Pre-Visit Requirements
  1. 1 year of medical history
  2. A digital copy of government-issued photo identification (front and back sides).
  3. A digital photograph not older than 6-months with a plain background (similar to a passport photo or driver’s license picture).
  4. A valid email address that the patient (or caregiver) has easy access to.
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Medical Marijuana Caregivers in Maryland

Caregivers of minors or patients with disabilities must take some extra steps to apply to the MMCC. The caregiver must first apply as themselves to be certified as a caregiver with the MMCC. After the caregiver has been successfully registered, they can repeat the process for the minor or patient in their care. Please note that to be designated as a caregiver you must provide proof that the minor or disabled individual is in your direct care, and that you are a legal guardian or appointed medical professional.

Patients eligible for compassionate care protocols as a hospice or terminally ill patient will need to provide a letter called the “Attending of Hospice Record.” The letter legally verifies that the patient has a life-threatening chronic or terminal health condition. Caregivers applying on behalf of hospice patients are not required to pay the $50 fee and, with proof of terminal illness diagnosed, those patient applications are immediately processed. 

What Happens During My Medical Marijuana Card Health Evaluation?

Your questions will be answered by one of your state-certified practitioners. We will collaboratively determine if medical cannabis is the right treatment choice for your needs. During the health evaluation, your current and past conditions will be reviewed, along with current lifestyle considerations, and prescription medications.

If the physician feels that medical cannabis can help with the management of your symptoms, you will receive a recommendation letter, which will be uploaded to the MMCC website to confirm the physician’s evaluation and approval. After that step, your Maryland medical marijuana card should arrive in less than three weeks by mail.

  • Military veterans receive a discount on medical marijuana doctor recommendation services
  • Hospice and compassionate care patient applications are expedited (ask us for more information)
  • Veterans receive a discount on recertification medical exams (annually)
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