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Patients who suffer from chronic pain conditions don’t get a ‘day off’ from their symptoms. Chronic pain touches every aspect of life. It impacts energy levels, mood, and mobility. Persistent pain symptoms can also make it difficult to remain employed. When chronic pain symptoms are not resolved, they can create distress and hardship for a patient.

The overuse of opioid medications to treat chronic pain has resulted in the World Health Organization called an “epidemic.” Many patients did not realize that over time, the human body builds a resistance to pain medications. When that happens, the conventional approach is to increase the strength of the drugs to provide relief.

Patients may find themselves suffering from side-effects from opioid medications that are worse than their health symptoms. Opioids can also increase nerve receptor sensitivity. When that happens, a patient feels more pain (not less) even with strong doses of prescription pain medications.

If you are ready to break that cycle of opioid misuse and explore medical cannabis as an alternative health option, we can help. Cannabis has been shown in many clinical studies to relieve debilitating chronic symptoms.

What Are the Qualifying Health Conditions for a Maryland Medical Marijuana Card

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission outlines specific. Health diagnoses that may qualify patients to become registered medical cardholders. This included chronic conditions and symptoms that have not been successfully resolved by conventional treatments. And where medical marijuana (under the care of a health provider) can help moderate or resolve debilitating symptoms.

Learn more about the other qualifying health conditions and diagnoses that could make you eligible to become a registered patient with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Please note that you must have a formal diagnosis of one of the qualifying health conditions to apply for a medical marijuana card.

Addiction care services available for patients including medical cannabis step-down therapeutic support for opioid misuse.

  • Compassionate and understanding practitioner
  • 100% confidential and HIPAA-compliant
  • Addiction treatment services and suboxone therapies available
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Pre-Visit Requirements

You will need to gather a few pieces of information and have ready before you participate in your health evaluation. This will help our health provider get historical information on your health conditions, diagnoses, current medications, and other essential facts about your health.

Please make sure that you have or provide:

  1. A valid government-issued photo identification card.
  2. An accessible private email address.
  3. A passport-style photo. You can use a smartphone app to take one at home.
  4. Approximately 1-3 years of medical records from your primary care provider.
  5. Please note that patients who do not appear for their scheduled appointment will be charged a $25 fee. All patients visiting our clinic must wear protective PPE (face mask).
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Cynthia Elizabeth Sterling-Harley (CRNP) is a certified nurse practitioner and a retired military veteran as an Advanced practice clinician who has extensive experience treating fellow veterans. Primary care health services and comprehensive medical health evaluations are available from Seven 2 Seven Medical Services, LLC, in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Improving chronic pain management can mean exploring many different approaches.  Medical cannabis can work in conjunction with other therapies like massage, hot and cold applications, and topical analgesic medications. Dietary changes and supplements can also be counseled to help reduce inflammation and chronic pain.

Our clinical team at Seven 2 Seven Medical, LLC., will help patients create a practitioner-supervised treatment plan to reach your personal wellness goals. Explore every safe option to help you reduce daily pain and improve your quality of life. 

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