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When you are living with chronic health conditions that impact daily life, sometimes conventional prescription medications are not effective for symptom or pain management needs. When patients learn about the negative side-effects and risks of long-term opioid or NSAID use for chronic health needs they may wish to try alternative therapeutic approaches, like medical cannabis.

In Quincy, Massachusetts, MedWell Health and Wellness provides online medical marijuana card health evaluations for patients. This is a comprehensive medical interview and evaluation with a trained practitioner who can help determine whether medical marijuana is a safe option for your health needs.

What Health Conditions Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Massachusetts?

Compassionate Care legislation has opened new opportunities and treatment options for patients with debilitating health conditions. There are many types of qualifying diagnoses that can allow a patient to become certified with the Department of Public Health and the Medical Use of Marijuana Program in MA.

Some of the qualifying health conditions include patients with cancer, who are suffering from symptoms caused by chemotherapy. Veterans and other individuals who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may also qualify for access to medical marijuana in Massachusetts.

You must be diagnosed by a primary care provider with one of the qualifying health conditions before you can proceed with your online medical marijuana health evaluation from MedWell Health and Wellness in Quincy, MA.

For more information call today or visit MedWell Health & Wellness.

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Pre-Visit Requirements

If you have one of the qualifying health conditions required by the Medical Use of Marijuana Program in MA, you will be required to have some information organized before your scheduled health evaluation.

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older or apply with the assistance of a legal guardian or parent caregiver, who will be designated on your Massachusetts medical marijuana card.
  2. Patients must have at least two forms of proof of residency. These can be a bill from a utility provider, mortgage company, or similar document that shows your name, and legal address in the State of Massachusetts.
  3. Patients are required to provide and submit medical records and documentation from the primary care provider. Your health history, current prescription medications, and prior diagnoses will be reviewed by the MedWell Health and Wellness practitioner.
  4. The patient must have one or more of the diagnosed health conditions outlined by the Medical Use of Marijuana Program in Massachusetts.
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Once you have successfully completed your medical marijuana card health evaluation with MedWell Health and Wellness, the physician will register the letter of recommendation with the Department of Public Health and the Medical Use of Marijuana Program in MA.

The next step will require the patient to register online with the Department of Public Health and the Medical Use of Marijuana Program. There is a fee required for registration, but some patients may qualify for a discount. While waiting for the medical marijuana card to arrive, patients may use the doctor’s letter of recommendation to visit a licensed dispensary.

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