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For individuals who must cope with moderate to severe levels of symptom effects like nausea, chronic pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type I (CRPS), and other diagnosed conditions, every day can feel like a struggle. This is especially true when conventional medications—like opioids or NSAIDs—are not effectively managing pain symptoms.

What if My Family Doctor Will Not Approve Me for Medical Marijuana in MA?

Medical marijuana use for qualifying patients is legalized in Massachusetts. It is up to the discretion of every medical practitioner to determine if they want to recommend it. Some patients have approached their primary care provider unsuccessfully. However, that does not mean you cannot proceed with the process of getting your medical marijuana card.

In order to become a certified medical marijuana cardholder in Massachusetts, you must have a letter of recommendation from a licensed physician. MedWell Health and Wellness provides convenient online medical marijuana health evaluations. This is the first step to help patients determine if medical cannabis is the right choice for their wellness goals.

Once you have successfully completed your medical marijuana card health evaluation with MedWell Health and Wellness, the physician will register the letter of recommendation with the Department of Public Health and the Medical Use of Marijuana Program in MA. The patient will be required to upload photo identification and pay a fee for processing.

For more information call today or visit MedWell Health & Wellness.

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Pre-Visit Requirements

Telemedicine Pre-Visit Requirements for MA Medical Marijuana Evaluations

Before you schedule your appointment for an online medical marijuana card health evaluation with MedWell Health and Wellness, you must make sure you have prepared the pre-visit requirements.

  1. Patients must be 18 years of age or older or apply with the assistance of a legal guardian or parent caregiver.
  2. Patients must have at least two forms of proof of residency. These can be official government documents with the patient’s name and address on them, a utility bill, or similar proof of residential address.
  3. Patients are required to provide and submit medical records and documentation from the primary care provider. It is recommended to provide a minimum of 1-3 years of records, so that previous treatments and diagnoses can be reviewed by our evaluating medical marijuana doctor.
  4. The patient must have one or more of the diagnosed health conditions outlined by the Medical Use of Marijuana Program in Massachusetts. Review a list of qualifying health conditions in MA.
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What is an Online Medical Marijuana Evaluation from MedWell Health and Wellness Like?

Once you have successfully completed your medical marijuana card registration and you have received your personal marijuana card or certification, you can choose from one of 50 licensed dispensaries in Massachusetts to get expert guidance.

A dispensary will explain different strains of medical cannabis that may be appropriate for symptom management. This may include smokable varieties, such as vape oils or flowers, or edible varieties, such as tinctures, baked goods, or capsules.

  • Compassionate care medical team providing support to terminally ill patients
  • Patient-focused treatment suggestions and assistance with chronic pain
  • 100% confidential and HIPAA-compliant
  • Medical marijuana card renewals in Massachusetts
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