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As medical cannabis therapies are legalized in the District of Columbia, some patients are looking for alternative therapies to treat chronic diseases and symptoms. If you have one of the qualifying health conditions, you can complete your medical marijuana card evaluation online.

Are you looking for a safer alternative for chronic pain management? Patients understand that the risks of long-term use of opioid and NSAID medications sometimes outweigh the benefits. Over time, opioid medications become less effective at managing pain relief. And what many patients do not know is that certain prescription pain medications can increase pain sensitivity.

Medical cannabis can provide relief for patients suffering from chronic health conditions. Under the supervision of a medical practitioner, a treatment plan can be recommended to help patients cope with inflammation, chronic pain, muscle tremors and other health problems.

Metro Wellness Provides Online Medical Marijuana Card Health Evaluations in DC

At Metro Wellness, Mila Kaplan, CRNP, provides holistic patient care to address the cause (not just the symptoms) of chronic diseases and disorders. As a Certified Nurse Practitioner with more than ten years of experience, Milca A. Kaplan provides effective patient care and treatment plans to address:

  • Chronic pain
  • Women’s health needs
  • Opioid addiction (step-down therapies for patients with chronic pain)
  • Diabetic neuropathy and pain management

At Metro Wellness in Rockville, Maryland, patients can schedule an online telemedicine appointment to apply for a Washing DC medical marijuana card. Your medical cannabis health evaluation is needed to become registered with the District of Columbia medical marijuana program.

Before you schedule your appointment, make sure you have the documentation you will need to complete your evaluation. That includes government-issued photo identification, proof of residency (government mail or utility bills addressed to your name and residence), a passport-style photograph, and an email address you can access.

How Do You Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Washington DC?

The most recent report from the DC Health, Government of the District of Columbia in May 2020 indicated that 6,792 patients already registered in the statewide medical marijuana program.

Some of the patients have one or more of the following qualifying health conditions:

After the health evaluation, even if you do not have one of the conditions on the ‘official list’ for Washington, DC, your diagnosis or symptoms may qualify you to get a Washington medical marijuana card. It is up to the physician to determine if the patient can experience symptom relief and wellness benefits from using legalized medical cannabis.

It can take up to one month after your health evaluation and submission of your patient registry to receive your medical marijuana card in Washington DC. Schedule your marijuana card telemedicine appointment today with Milca Kaplan at Metro Wellness.

  • Holistic care Nurse Practitioner with ten years of patient care experience.
  • Medical marijuana card evaluations and MMJ card renewals in Washington, DC.
  • The Medici patient app is available for secure text messaging and appointments.
  • Diabetes care available.
  • Opioid addiction step-down therapeutics.
  • Women’s health and wellness visits.
  • 100% confidential and HIPAA-compliant.

For more information, visit our website Metro Wellness.
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Pre-Visit Requirements
  1. Complete medical records release and send it to the doctor who has your records
  2. Confirm that we have received medical records, or bring them to your appointment
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Milca Kaplan, CRNP is located in Washington, DC and provides online medical marijuana evaluations for patients all over Maryland. If you live in MD and have one of the state’s qualifying conditions, you may be approved for medical marijuana use. Milca Kaplan makes medical marijuana evaluations accessible and affordable for all Maryland patients. If you’re seeking cannabis as an alternative treatment, schedule an appointment with Milca Kaplan today.

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