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  • Visit Length: 30 minutes
  • Renewal: $150
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  • Years in Practice: 24
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Richard Koffler, MD is a highly-praised physiatrist who treats patients with chronic pain and injuries. Dr. Koffler can help patients moderate—and even resolve—chronic pain symptoms. These symptoms may be the result of health conditions or sports injuries, for example.
Dr. Richard Koffler is rated at 5 stars on WebMD as an effective practitioner for injury and pain management. Reviews mention his effective treatment plans for rehabilitation and moderation of chronic pain symptoms.

Fairfield County Holistic Wellness Medical Marijuana Telemedicine Services

Traveling to a doctor’s office for a medical evaluation is not always possible for those with debilitating pain conditions or other health issues. To better serve these patients, Fairfield County Holistic Wellness offers online appointments for Connecticut medical marijuana patients.

Patients with qualifying health conditions can receive medical marijuana health evaluations by Dr. Koffler. He will determine if medical cannabis would be a beneficial treatment. Koffler can provide a signed letter of recommendation, which is required to become registered with the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program. Once registered, the patient may be approved for a medical marijuana card.

Why Do I Need an Online Health Evaluation for Medical Marijuana?

Patients seeking a medical marijuana card must be certified by a physician. The physician, who is educated in both medical cannabis and patient care, can recommend therapeutic medical marijuana use through an online evaluation.

Health conditions and symptoms can evolve over time. Dr. Richard Koffler recommends that medical marijuana patients have regular follow-up appointments to ensure they receive the best quality of care. Dr Koffler can help patients create a wellness plan that incorporates medical cannabis for symptom relief.

To prepare for your online medical marijuana evaluation, Dr. Koffler asks that you provide your health history, current and past diagnoses, prescription medications, and supplements for his review. Dr. Koffler will take a pain inventory to precisely measure the level of chronic pain, inflammation, and discomfort.

Patients will also have the opportunity to ask questions about medical cannabis related to their unique health symptoms. If the patient meets the qualifying health conditions for Florida, New York, or Connecticut (depending on the location of permanent residence) they will be issued a signed recommendation letter from Dr. Koffler.

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Pre-Visit Requirements
  1. Patients must be of legal age as dictated by the state of Connecticut.
  2. Must be a legal resident of CT.
  3. Proof of diagnosis with a qualifying condition must be provided:
  4. To obtain your medical records, complete a medical records release and send it to the doctor who has your records.
  5. Confirm that we have received medical records, or bring them to your appointment.
  6. Discounts are provided at the sole discretion of Fairfield County Holistic Wellness, to learn more about discounted rates please call the office directly.
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About Richard Koffler, MD

Dr. Richard Koffler is a physiatrist, or someone who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation. His international training unifies western medicine and holistic practices from Eastern medicine and healing modalities. Koffler is also certified as an acupuncture therapist.

Richard Koffler, MD completed an internship in Internal Medicine at Roosevelt Hospital in New York City. Koffler then graduated from the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. Koffler completed a three-year residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Rusk Institute at the NYU Medical Center in New York City and became Board Certified in 1998.

Richard Koffler MD practices in three cities: New York City, Stamford Connecticut, and Miami Beach, Florida. He is licensed to provide online medical marijuana health evaluations, for patients seeking approval for medical cannabis, in all three states.

Dr. Koffler has dedicated himself to the study of medical cannabis and it’s therapeutic benefits for chronic pain sufferers. When patients have had little success in traditional pain management for sports injuries and chronic pain, Koffler advocates for doctor-supervised medical cannabis treatments.

  • 100% online medical cannabis evaluations for an MMJ card in CT, FL, and NY
  • HIPAA-compliant physician health evaluation
  • Assistance with medical marijuana card renewals
  • Compassionate and non-judgemental about medical marijuana and therapeutics
  • Veteran Discount and Financial Aid for qualifying patients
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