Medical Marijuana in San Marino

Updated on April 24, 2018.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

The microstate of San Marino, surrounded by Italy, is still in the early stages of legalizing medical cannabis. While they currently use some synthetic cannabinoids for treatment, they still need to finalize the legislation for marijuana medicine.

Will San Marino Have a Medical Marijuana Program?

While some nations need patients to sign up for a program to get medicine, others don’t. San Marino will probably not have such a registry. But, they will have a program that involves special government staff and resources dedicated to medical cannabis. Currently, the director of the San Marino Health Authority has a task force working on medical marijuana legislation.

The director, Andrea Gualtieri, and his group are considering opening access to hospital patients, then to a broader population. However, these plans are still in the works, with the most current updates coming from 2016.

History of Cannabis in San Marino

The San Marino government’s investigation into the healing properties of marijuana began in 2015. They held an initial meeting in March, then subsequent conferences in April and September. In October, the National Institute of Health discussed the results they found regarding the medical use of psychotropics like cannabis. The Grand and General Council of San Marino then voted on and accepted the legalization of medical marijuana.

San Marino has yet to establish official laws on using psychotropic substances and marijuana for therapeutic purposes. The government gave the medical cannabis task force 90 days to determine regulations in May 2016, but no news since then has indicated any progress.

Possession and Cultivation Policies

San Marino citizens cannot own or grow any marijuana legally, even for medical purposes. Gualtieri’s commission is considering leaving cultivation up to a public structure, but they have yet to decide. In the future, you may or may not have the freedom to grow your own medicine in San Marino.

San Marino Telemedicine

The country of San Marino covers about 61 square kilometers — one-third the size of Washington, D.C. So, distance typically isn’t an issue for patients in the microstate who need access to healthcare. But, homebound people could still use telemedicine to broaden their healthcare options. Unfortunately, San Marino does not seem to have a dedicated telemedicine system, and Europe has no standardized system in place.

Who Would Qualify for Medicinal Cannabis?

San Marino has not defined what conditions will qualify someone for medical marijuana. Since it seems like they don’t plan on requiring a medicinal cannabis card, those criteria will probably be up to the prescribing doctor. Currently, patients with multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries can take Sativex, a synthetic cannabinoid medication.

Would Patients Need a Medical Marijuana Card?

Probably not. Many countries in Europe, including Italy, only require a prescription to get access to cannabis medicine. Then, the patient would either ask their doctor if they could receive a prescription for their condition, or the doctor would prescribe it without the patient requesting.

Facts About Cannabis in San Marino

Here are a few details we have so far about San Marino’s medical marijuana program:

  • The original petition to legalize cannabis and psychotropic substances for medical use was submitted by San Marino citizens.
  • Patients who need Sativex due to a spinal cord or marrow condition can get the medicine free of charge — hopefully, the government will take a similar direction with medical marijuana.

Marijuana-Related Legal Penalties

Technically, San Marino legislation doesn’t mention cannabis in its drug laws. However, they still impose some penalties for people caught with it, especially in large amounts. An amount of marijuana considered ready for sale can earn you prison time. Meanwhile, you might only get a fine or a warning for a small amount cannabis.

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