Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in San Marino

Updated on April 24, 2018.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

San Marino doesn’t seem to have made much progress in drafting their medical marijuana laws. So, we don’t entirely know who will qualify for treatment and who won’t. But, we can make some educated guesses based on what officials have said so far.

What Could Qualifying Conditions Look Like?

The government officials responsible for San Marino medical cannabis laws didn’t seem to have specific conditions in mind when they were approved to draft legislation. But, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any restrictions at all. At a minimum, countries that accept marijuana medicine provide it to patients with issues like chronic pain and cancer. These health problems involve symptoms that research shows have great responsiveness to cannabis.

Patients with bone marrow disorders and multiple sclerosis can use Sativex, a human-made cannabinoid. The government might approve these conditions for medicinal cannabis treatment, as well.

How Would Someone Become Eligible for Medical Marijuana?

Every nation has its own way to certify someone for the use of cannabis medicine — some with more paperwork than others. Countries like Italy only ask for a prescription from a licensed doctor, while places like many U.S. states have a government-run program to join.

Andrea Gualtieri, the director of the San Marino Health Authority, states cannabis medicine would likely be available to hospitalized patients first. Considering people getting care for severe health issues have a much harder time going through government processes, they may only require a prescription.

If the government establishes a patient registry, the process could be much more intensive. It could involve a doctor’s visit and processing time. They could also ask for approval from a government official whether a program exists or not. In general, extra steps and paperwork can make it much harder for qualifying patients to get the medicine they need.

How Would Patients Access Cannabis Medicine?

The commission determining San Marino’s medicinal cannabis laws has many ways for patients to access medicine in mind. Whatever they decide on must fit into San Marino’s existing laws, as well as United Nations conventions. So, while they want to give patients with harsh health issues medicine, they also want to do so carefully.

Most countries use recommendations or prescriptions to give patients access to medicinal marijuana. Some places also require a patient card. The patient takes these documents to a pharmacy or specially designated dispensary to get their medication.

San Marino patients could possibly have the freedom to grow their own medicine. Gualtieri mentioned working with outside sources to understand who could qualify to raise marijuana plants. If they think patients themselves could have the qualifications to grow their own, that could open up another option. Otherwise, San Marino may leave cannabis cultivation up to licensed professionals.

Protections for Medicinal Marijuana Patients

Regardless how patients will access their medicine, they will need protection from recreational marijuana laws. The medication available in San Marino could be similar to adult-use items like bud and concentrates. In this case, police officers could have a hard time distinguishing it from illegal recreational products. Having documentation, like a prescription or medical ID card, can serve as proof that the patient can legally possess medical cannabis.

Records also help doctors approve medical marijuana without the pressure of legal persecution. As long as a physician provides access to medicine in good faith, they can continue practicing.

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