Medical Marijuana Laws in Romania

Updated on January 30, 2019.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Romania lets some patients take medicine with cannabis derivatives. But, they enforce harsh penalties for anyone who uses cannabis illegally. It’s important to understand how to get your medication legally, so you can medicate free from worry.

Romanian Laws About Medical Marijuana Use

In Romania, approved cannabis medicine is treated like narcotic prescription drugs. The Narcotic Drug Regulations apply to any form of cannabis, so government officials handle it very carefully. People who violate the Narcotic Drug Regulations will deal with serious consequences.

Patients who qualify can get a prescription for any kind of marijuana medication approved for the Romanian market. Since they consider medical cannabis a pharmaceutical, most products likely come in the form of capsules and oils. According to law, marijuana medicine can have up to 0.2% THC in it, so most cannabis medicine in Romania consists mostly of CBD.

Laws About Medical Cannabis Patients in Romania

Some countries have a medical marijuana program for managing eligible patients, but Romania does not. Instead, they treat marijuana like a potent prescription drug, such as morphine. Patients can use a prescription to get cannabis medicine at a pharmacy, but the government still highly regulates it.

Patients experiencing pain or seizures from a chronic or severe condition can receive a prescription for medical cannabis from their doctor. These conditions include multiple sclerosis, cancer and epilepsy, some of the most common disorders treated with marijuana. Researchers have the most evidence for cannabis’ ability to relieve these symptoms compared to others.

Cannabis Criminalization in Romania

Romania has very conservative laws concerning recreational marijuana use. Using cannabis products without a prescription is completely banned. Growing or selling marijuana without the proper authorization can also get you into some serious trouble.

Offenders of Romania’s marijuana laws often face major fines or jail time. They can be sentenced to anywhere from six months to 17 years in jail for a variety of marijuana-related activities. Fines can range from 200 lei to 20,000 lei, depending on the severity of the offense.

You can only get legal marijuana medicine from a pharmacy by using a prescription. Any other way of obtaining it is illegal.

Legal Limitations of Romania’s Cannabis Policies

The medical marijuana laws in Romania only serve a select population of patients. Unless you deal with severe pain or seizures from a major medical disorder, you can’t get a prescription for medical cannabis. So, patients with symptoms like nausea or muscle spasms slip through the cracks.

As more evidence for the treatment of other symptoms appears, Romania may change their policies about who can get a prescription. Folks with ineligible symptoms who use cannabis currently fear severe punishment. Hopefully, researchers can get the proof they need to advocate for patients who have symptoms less commonly treated with cannabis medicine.

Protections for Medical Cannabis Patients and Doctors

The medical cannabis laws in Romania don’t offer any extra protections for doctors or patients who work with medicinal marijuana. But, Romania has also integrated approved medicine into its other health policies. Both parties can take advantage of the protections already in place for prescription medication.

Any licensed physician can prescribe medical marijuana if they follow the required regulations. This means doctors can’t be prosecuted for lacking proper permission. Patients have can prove their ability to get cannabis medication with their prescriptions. Anyone concerned with prosecution can ask for extra documentation from their doctor, if necessary.

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