Medical Marijuana Card & Program in Paraguay

Updated on April 19, 2018.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

The Paraguayan government allows individuals with certain health issues to access medical marijuana products when they have a prescription or sign up for government-controlled studies. Laws also grant them the option to import cannabis when authorized, too. However, patients do not have a specific card that designates them as an official medical marijuana patient.

Benefits of Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card in Paraguay

In Paraguay, doctors and government officials decide who can legally access cannabis for medical purposes. Rather than registering or applying for a government-sanctioned card or program, patients must reach out to a doctor or voluntarily join a research program to access cannabis.

One of the significant perks of participating in a research program is that patients can access their medical cannabis for free when they meet regularly with researchers and officials who will monitor their use and overall health. In exchange for free cannabis medications, patients must merely engage in programs that will determine the medical efficacy of marijuana during use.

Patients can now legally import cannabis oil that will grant them more affordable access to daily dosages of marijuana than they were able to before the passing of this bill.

Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card in Paraguay

Rather than applying for a medical marijuana card, patients will need to consult with a doctor, who will help them receive the proper diagnosis for their health. Then, the physician will discuss the best treatment plan for their condition. Many more doctors are opening up to the view that cannabis is a viable solution for many health problems. If you encounter a doctor opposed to marijuana, consider seeking a second opinion.

Because government officials have officially removed marijuana from the country’s list of most dangerous drugs, the taboo nature surrounding cannabis use means doctors are much more likely to prescribe marijuana when necessary. As physicians continue to study the side effects and benefits of this plant, it is expected that more civilians will be able to access marijuana prescriptions when they need them.

As an alternative to visiting a doctor for weekly or monthly prescriptions, qualified citizens can now import marijuana seeds to grow plants for medical uses under the supervision of a state-sponsored system. Patients must cultivate cannabis within the health of ministry’s legal framework. Recreational cultivation is still illegal.

The Recertification Process for Medical Marijuana in Paraguay

Patients in Paraguay do not have to join a sanctioned program governed by Paraguayan officials, so they do not have to undergo a recertification process to maintain access their medical cannabis. They should simply continue to make regular visits to their doctor to retain active prescriptions.

As with any other medication, it’s important to keep a list of side effects or unwanted symptoms you experience when using your medical cannabis. Consult with your doctor and bring up any issues you feel should be addressed. Your doctor will likely monitor your health and help you develop the best dosage level for your treatment plan.

If you join a research program for free marijuana, remember to meet with the state officials regularly to maintain access to your medication, too.

Certification for Doctors in Paraguay

For physicians to prescribe cannabis to patients, they do not need to engage in specialized training, nor do they need additional licensing. Instead, all doctors who have established themselves as legitimate physicians can prescribe cannabis to patients under Paraguayan law.

Doctors can prescribe medications to patients as they see fit — so, whenever they believe cannabis is an ideal option for an individual’s circumstances. Remember to verify your doctor’s credentials before you initiate your treatment plan. Whenever possible, try to consult with a physician who has exceptional knowledge about medical weed and its positive benefits.

Contact Medical Marijuana Officials in Paraguay

Are you thinking about becoming a medical marijuana patient in Paraguay? If so, it’s crucial to get in touch with the right government officials in your community to ensure you receive the medical care you deserve. Reach out to Paraguay’s Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare for more information.

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