Medical Marijuana Laws in Paraguay

Updated on April 19, 2018.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Because the laws surrounding medical cannabis use in Paraguay have only recently been established, they’re likely to develop and become more set in stone soon. That’s why it’s necessary for both citizens and travelers alike to remain updated on the latest regulations and laws governing marijuana use in the nation. When you familiarize yourself with the legislation, you can stay within the legal parameters of the country.

How Medical Marijuana Laws in Paraguay Influence Its Use

As of 2018, Paraguay permits the use of medical marijuana for qualifying patients. The country will boast a state-sponsored system that intends to import the cannabis supplies necessary to cultivate the plant for medicinal purposes.

The ability to import seeds for oil production now means patients will not have to spend as much time as they did before waiting for their necessary medicine. Citizens hope that the nation upholds its promises as the country moves forward in establishing more specific guidelines toward accessing cannabis. The country projects a decline in drug-related crimes with the newly passed medical marijuana laws, too.

How Medical Marijuana Laws in Paraguay Affect the Medical Cannabis Program

In 2018, under the support of the country’s health ministry, Paraguayan president Horacio Cartes legalized the import of medical marijuana products for eligible patients. However, domestic production laws are still uncertain. Patients must access their cannabis from authorized sources, or receive cannabis for free when they partake in specific national scientific studies.

The medical marijuana program in Paraguay and the laws surrounding it are still relatively new, so it’s essential to stay up to date so you don’t break any regulations. As the country begins to present itself as a medical marijuana-friendly nation, many patients are turning to alternative medicine as viable treatment options.

The Impact of Medical Marijuana Laws on Paraguay’s Criminalization

For many years, Paraguayan legislators were firm on their decision to remove marijuana possession from the country’s list of legal offenses. Today, however, cannabis is no longer a part of Paraguay’s list of dangerous drugs or substances. Instead, medical marijuana has gained recognition by the Ministry of Public Health as a legitimate prescription. However, the possession of 10 or more grams of cannabis is still illegal and considered a punishable offense.

Today, the country still deals with corruption in the nation’s black-market cannabis farms, where marijuana is grown illegally by unauthorized individuals.

Legal Limitations of the Medical Marijuana Program in Paraguay

One of the major limitations patients in Paraguay have experienced is accessing their cannabis affordably. However, this is an issue the nation is currently striving to improve. Before initiating government-regulated systems, patients could easily spend hundreds of dollars a month just to import the cannabis oil they need to treat their condition. However, initiatives are currently underway to give individuals free access to the medical marijuana they need when they participate in testing studies.

As Paraguay begins to establish a more definite medical cannabis program, many of the prior limitations will likely become less burdensome for patients.

Protection for Medical Marijuana Patients and Doctors in Paraguay

Paraguay’s new laws and regulations offer protection to both patients and doctors who are responsible for prescribing these medications. The passage of the 2018 bill that decriminalized marijuana means patients can now access cannabis without legal repercussion. Doctors who are certified by the state are also permitted to prescribe these pharmaceutical products as they see fit.

As is the case with many other nations where medical cannabis is legal, the government imposes regulations that prevent patients from cultivating their own medicine and consuming marijuana in excess. Patients must use marijuana wisely under the supervision of an authorized physician to avoid engaging in unlawful activities.

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Paraguay has only recently decriminalized the use of medical cannabis, and it’s likely that legislators will authorize more rules and regulations as time goes on. That’s why it’s vital to remain updated on all the legal details surrounding both recreational and medical use to avoid unknowingly engaging in illegal activity. Keep yourself informed on all global and local cannabis news by checking our blog frequently.


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