Medical Marijuana in Norway

Updated on November 14, 2019.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

When Norway’s legislators decriminalized the use of medical marijuana in 2016, citizens experienced more widespread access to the cannabis that they need for an enhanced sense of wellbeing. However, because the country continues to outlaw marijuana possession outside of the medical realm, it’s essential to understand the laws surrounding medical cannabis to stay within Norway’s legal limitations.

Medical Marijuana Program in Norway

In Norway, the primary goal of the country’s medical marijuana program is to expand qualifying patients’ access to the alternative medicine they need for relief and comfort. Although officials decriminalized the use of medical marijuana in 2016, many Norway citizens hope the country will extend its legislation to increase the accessibility of cannabis to more patients.

As Norway continues to develop and expand its medical marijuana program, citizens anticipate more defined wellness policies with fewer penalties that could jeopardize medical patients. For example, this program does not permit users to cultivate their own cannabis varieties, nor are they allowed to purchase marijuana without an accompanying doctor’s certification.

History of Medical Marijuana in Norway

Norway’s marijuana laws have undergone extensive change, especially policies fixated on monitoring the use of this product. Before 1965, pharmacies scattered throughout the country sold marijuana products. In response to the drug wave of the 1960s, policies become much more strict, and sentences for marijuana usage and distribution began to strengthen.

As of 2018, it is now legal for patients to access marijuana with a legitimate licensed prescription prescribed by a Norwegian doctor. However, citizens are still forbidden from trafficking or cultivating marijuana, even when medical conditions are present. While using marijuana for personal use is illegal, many government officials prefer sentencing offenders to required therapy for drug use as opposed to issuing jail sentences. As time progresses, many civilians hope to see more relaxed laws regarding marijuana use.

Possession and Cultivation of Medical Marijuana in Norway

Possession and cultivation outside of the legal limits in Norway are both punishable by law. The offense will depend on the amount a person has at the time of consideration. Currently, the possession of 15 grams of marijuana or more for personal use can result in a fine that will remain on one’s criminal record.
Any individual approved by a physician or doctor for medical cannabis must receive their marijuana from a certified health professional.

Telemedicine in Norway

The use of telehealth services in Norway are a crucial part of the everyday health care services the country offers to patients. When an individual seeks counseling or desires the advice of a physician that does not necessitate face-to-face consultations, telemedicine grants them convenient, fast, and simple access to healthcare professionals. Since many patients may have trouble leaving the house, telemedicine is an extremely useful tool.

If your current physician does not support medical cannabis use, consider reaching out to an online prescriber for a second opinion.

Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in Norway

The Norwegian Agency for Medicinal Drugs believes a small selection of civilians should have access to cannabis for medicinal purposes that grants them the relief they need.

Unfortunately, Norwegian officials have not established proper authoritative listings, nor have they set legal boundaries when it comes to defining who is eligible for medical cannabis. To determine your eligibility for cannabis use, you must consult with a trained physician first.

How to Access a Medical Marijuana Card in Norway

Any individual seeking medical cannabis must consult with a trained physician or doctor who will determine their eligibility first. The only lawful way to access medical marijuana is through a licensed professional under the supervision by the Danish Medicines Agency. You will then have access to cannabis through Norwegian legislation-approved facilities.

Facts About Medical Marijuana in Norway

Norway has one of the world’s best-funded healthcare systems and dedicates nearly $34 billion a year to health-related expenses. Physicians must apply through the Norwegian Medicines Agency for permission to give patients medical cannabis.

Medical Marijuana Penalties in Norway

To guarantee legal access to medical marijuana, citizens must first receive a diagnosis and prescription from a certified professional, who will supply their medication. Offenders who possess cannabis outside of the legal confines defined by Norwegian law can opt to enroll in a drug treatment program in place of spending time in jail. However, any individual who violates the rules of their program will receive a prison sentence.

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