Medical Marijuana Qualification in Norway

Updated on November 14, 2019.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

To access cannabis in Norway, patients must possess a legitimate prescription so they can obtain the medication they need. Because recreational marijuana is still illegal, it’s essential to understand the qualifying conditions that allow for legal access to this substance. As Norway continues to develop its medical marijuana program, it is likely that patients will experience fewer constraints when seeking cannabis for therapeutic benefits.

Basic Qualifications for Medical Marijuana in Norway

Norway does not have a definite list of conditions that qualify for medical marijuana use. Instead, legislation requires consultations with a physician who will determine whether your medical state would benefit from medical marijuana. Research has shown many treatable conditions demonstrate positive effects from cannabis use.

Some of the conditions that may receive approval for medical cannabis use include:

  • Severe conditions that cause debilitating pain or discomfort
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Conditions that cause spasms, such as Tourette syndrome
  • Multiple sclerosis

However, approved patients can only receive medications made from cannabinoid extracts, like Sativex, not actual marijuana buds or edibles. This legislation has been lawful since January 1, 2016. You must then regularly consult with a physician certified to recommend medical cannabis products.

How to Become a Medical Marijuana Patient in Norway

Norway’s government does not require patients to join an official government program when becoming a medical marijuana patient. Instead, individuals who desire medical cannabis must receive a prescription from a doctor who will determine their eligibility first.

When a patient visits a certified doctor or physician, their healthcare professional will help them determine the right dosage for their needs while giving them the prescription they need to access their medication. In Norway, the only way to obtain medical marijuana is through a doctor’s authorization.

Please note that it is essential to meet with a physician regularly, even after receiving your diagnosis and prescription. Under the guidance of a medical professional, you gain several advantages, including:

  • Routine monitoring under a health professional’s supervision
  • Advice on optimal dosage levels for your condition
  • The ability to discuss side effects, worries and any questions you have

Access to Medical Marijuana for Patients in Norway

If you’ve reviewed the guidelines for medical marijuana use and believe you could benefit from the therapeutic properties of alternative medication, it may be time to speak to a healthcare professional about qualifying for medical cannabis.

First, you must consult with a doctor who is open to the idea of prescribing medical marijuana for your condition. Because the only way to access medical cannabis in Norway is through a prescriber, be sure to check with the physicians in your area to find one who is likely to support cannabis use when appropriate and necessary. Remember, your approval is contingent upon your doctor’s authorization.

There are currently no stores that sell medical marijuana in Norway. Once you receive a doctor’s prescription that provides proof of your medical condition and eligibility for cannabis, you are safe to access your medication from an authorized pharmacy.

Legal Protection for Patients Who Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Norway

In Norway, medical marijuana use is currently decriminalized. Thus, medical cannabis patients do not have to worry about penalties or legal prosecution when using the medication that has been lawfully prescribed to them by a legitimate prescriber.

If, however, a patient is caught with more than 15 grams of marijuana products on their person, they can receive punishment through financial penalties or a prison sentence. You can only possess cannabis that is legally prescribed to you by your doctor to avoid legal repercussions. Patients also cannot lawfully cultivate or distribute any cannabis products.

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