Medical Marijuana Card & Program in Norway

Updated on November 14, 2019.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Although they don’t have an official medical marijuana program like various other countries that have decriminalized the use of medical cannabis, Norway’s legislation does have laws and regulations in place that monitor who can access marijuana for medicinal purposes. The absence of a legitimate program means citizens must consult with a doctor and receive a prescription in the same manner they would for any other type of medicine.

Benefits of Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card in Norway

In place of an official medical marijuana program, individuals in Norway must consult with a certified physician, who will determine their eligibility and prescribe cannabis accordingly. Unfortunately, many individuals miss out on the benefits of a medical marijuana card because any individual found with 15 grams or more on their person will face charges and jail time.

Even for those outside of the country planning a voyage to Norway, the country’s laws still apply. If you are a traveler who is planning a trip to Norway, you must get a doctor’s prescription for marijuana before you plan your visit. All notes must be written on official hospital documentation to serve as proof of your medical condition.

Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card in Norway

In place of applying for a medical marijuana card, patients seeking access to alternative medical practices, such as medical marijuana, must consult with a doctor who will diagnosis their condition first. Once you schedule a visit with a certified physician, these healthcare providers will determine whether your current health condition would benefit from medical cannabis.

If your doctor approves you as a candidate for medical cannabis, you must receive your cannabis medicine from your authorized prescriber only. Norwegian legislation controls the distribution of all medical marijuana, and all industrial production of this substance is strictly forbidden and punishable by law.

If you or a loved one are considering alternative medicine as a viable route for your circumstances, please consider receiving a second opinion if your primary physician denies your condition.

The Recertification Process for Medical Marijuana in Norway

As noted above, Norway does not uphold a legitimate medical marijuana program or recertification process. Rather than joining a program, you must merely continue visiting with your physician to maintain your current treatment plan.

It’s essential to meet regularly with your physician to access the medication you need to treat your condition. Remember, possessing 15 grams or more of cannabis or retrieving it from any source outside of your primary care doctor is punishable by law.

Offenders can receive substantial fines between 1500 and 15,000 Norwegian kroner and be required to undergo regular testing to monitor their cannabis use. Possession of any amount beyond one’s prescription — even for medical patients — is illegal. To remain within the legal limits of the country, continue scheduling appointments with your doctor. They will help you adjust your dosage while keeping you informed on the right treatment plan for your needs.

Certification for Doctors in Norway

To prescribe medical cannabis to patients, all doctors must first apply for permission through the nation’s Norwegian Medicines Agency. Once authorized, they can prescribe cannabis to patients they believe would benefit from the healing effects of marijuana.

If you are considering medical marijuana as a viable option for your treatment plan, remember to always consult with a certified physician first. However, because the country’s laws surrounding legal medical cannabis use are still relatively new, some doctors may be hesitant to prescribe cannabis before trying other more traditional options. If this is the case, consider seeking a second opinion from a physician who is more likely to approve your eligibility.

Contact Medical Marijuana Officials in Norway

Because the laws surrounding medical cannabis can be tricky, it’s crucial to get in touch with a medical marijuana official to guide you along the way. Whether you have questions or want to have your voice heard about what you’d like to see change in Norway’s marijuana legislation, reach out to a government official.

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