Medical Marijuana Laws in Norway

Updated on October 15, 2019.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Since the laws defining legal medical marijuana use in Norway can be tricky, it’s essential to stay informed on the country’s rules and regulations to avoid unknowingly engaging in illegal conduct. At, we provide you with the nation’s latest cannabis laws so you can stay informed and access your medical marijuana with ease.

How Medical Marijuana Laws in Norway Influence Its Use

If you want to access medical marijuana supported by Norway’s government, you must consult with a trained medical professional who will be responsible for approving — or denying — your eligibility. Once approved, medical marijuana laws in Norway require you to get all your cannabis medicine from these prescribers.

That means individuals approved for medical cannabis must retrieve their medicine through a prescription. They are prohibited from possessing, cultivating or purchasing marijuana outside of these limitations. Those seeking access to medical cannabis without a prescription will face penalties such as fines and even imprisonment — a sentence citizens are pushing to change.

How Medical Marijuana Laws in Norway Affect the Medical Cannabis Program

In place of a Medical Cannabis Program that grants patients access to a card for their cannabis, all prescribers must receive a prescription from a legitimate doctor who will authorize and monitor their marijuana use. Because there are no official stores in the country that sell this drug even for medical purposes, patients are at the discretion of their healthcare practitioner for a prescription and the supply of their necessary medicine.

Currently, laws inhibit the supply and distribution of medical marijuana at public locations like dispensaries. While many citizens are pushing for more convenient access to their necessary cannabis medication, the future of the medical cannabis program and provider locations is yet to be determined.

The Impact of Medical Marijuana Laws on Norway’s Criminalization

By Norwegian law, any individual found with 15 grams of cannabis or more on their person is considered to be distributing it and may experience harsh penalties as a result. This means even medical marijuana patients face imprisonment when they possess cannabis in excess or use marijuana that is not prescribed to them by their physician.

Currently, the marijuana legislation organization NORML is pushing for serious reform in Norwegian drug policy. They hope to publicize the health benefits of medical marijuana while convincing government officials to impose less severe restrictions against those who engage in cannabis use for personal purposes.

Legal Limitations of the Medical Marijuana Program in Norway

As with many other countries with drug laws and limitations, Norway’s medical marijuana program faces some barriers that may pose an issue to patients. For one, the process of qualifying for cannabis use can be slow and prohibit an individual from accessing their medication since admissibility is at a physician’s discretion. Because patients cannot obtain medical cannabis outside of their authority or distribution source, this poses an issue for many patients in need.

Secondly, Norway only approves of certain cannabis-based medicines, such as Sativex, Dronabinol and Marinol. The government’s control of permissible marijuana products may prevent certain patients from receiving the treatment plan best suited for their needs.

Protection for Medical Marijuana Patients and Doctors in Norway

To lawfully prescribe cannabis to their patients, Norwegian doctors must apply for permission through the Norwegian Medicines Agency. The current legislation forbids the sale or transport of marijuana outside of these parameters, so it’s crucial that physicians receive consent from the nation’s medicine agency first.

Laws that approve medical cannabis use protects patients, but these decrees are contingent upon accessing one’s cannabis through prescriptions only. Any patient who seeks marijuana from a secondary source or shares their medication with another individual is engaging in an act punishable by law and they may experience penalties such as fines and imprisonment.

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