Guam Medical Marijuana Card & Program Information

Updated on January 30, 2019.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

In 2014, Guamanian voters approved a measure to begin a nationwide medical marijuana program. At the time of writing, the program has yet to be implemented. But, you can still register as a patient, so you can medicine as soon as the state finalizes everything.

The Benefits of Having a Guam Medical Marijuana Card

Guam doesn’t allow the recreational use of marijuana. So, becoming a patient is the only legal way to get access to cannabis medicine. Illegal cannabis usually doesn’t go through the quality testing ] legal marijuana does. Plus, following the law lets you medicate without worrying about legal penalties.

In fact, members of the medicinal cannabis program get legal protections that prevent any persecution for taking their medicine. As long as they possess under the 2.5-ounce limit and don’t use their medicine while driving or in public spaces, they can medicate without fear.

How to Apply for a Medicinal Cannabis Card in Guam

Even though the medical marijuana program in Guam hasn’t been finalized, it accepts applications for new patients and marijuana industry members. Every member of the registry uses the same form, but patients and businesses must provide different documentation. Fortunately, patients require some of the easiest paperwork as long as they have a cooperative doctor.

You can get a program application from the Department of Public Health and Social Services on their website or at their office. On the main registration form, you simply must provide basic information about yourself and sign your name. Bring the supplemental certification form to your doctor to request their approval.

Once you complete the primary form and the certification, make a copy of a document that proves your Guam residency. If you need a caregiver, you must also complete the written designation and primary caregiver registration documents. Finally, provide the signup fee of $15.

Renewing Your Medical Marijuana Registration

If any of the information you submitted as part of your registration changes, you must send in an updated application form — the Department of Public Health and Social Services requires you to notify them within 10 days of any changes. You can use the same paper you used to sign up, just check the relevant box at the top of the paper before you submit.

Your medical marijuana card will stay valid for a year after you get it. About a month or two before it expires, visit the doctor you got your original certification from to request a new one. Then, use the universal application to submit your registration renewal.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you may want to visit your doctor more than annually — you and your physician can decide together how often you should schedule an appointment. Be sure to keep track of any symptoms and side effects and report them during these visits.

How to Become a Certified Physician

Guam doesn’t require physicians to undergo a special certification process to recommend marijuana medicine. To approve medical marijuana for a patient, you must have a bona fide practitioner-patient relationship. A bona fide practitioner-patient relationship involves:

  • Reviewing the patient’s medical history
  • Explaining the risks and benefits of cannabis medicine to them
  • Performing an examination to confirm the patient’s diagnosis
  • Conducting follow-up care after issuing the certification

If you have a license to prescribe and administer drugs in Guam, you can certify a patient. However, you must provide care to humans — veterinary professionals can’t provide recommendations.

Who to Contact About Guam’s Medical Marijuana Program

With the final rules of the medical marijuana program still up in the air, you may have questions to direct to public officials. The Department of Public Health and Social Services manages the medicinal cannabis program. Their program page lists contact information for the best representative to get in touch with.

Resources for Medical Marijuana Patients in Guam