Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in Croatia

Updated on December 28, 2018.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

With the legalization of medical marijuana in Croatia and the launch of the country’s medical cannabis program, many patients can now access a natural, effective medicine to alleviate their pain. If you or a family member are considering medical marijuana, it’s essential to understand how you may qualify.

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Croatia

While many countries’ qualifying conditions for medical marijuana include a range of diseases and symptoms, eligibility for medical marijuana in Croatia is limited to four conditions:

Adults and minors both may qualify for medical cannabis. While some countries prevent patients with a criminal record from accessing medical weed — specifically if they have been convicted of drug possession, cultivation or sale — Croatia does not.

How to Become a Medical Marijuana Patient in Croatia

Joining Croatia’s medical marijuana program is a simple, straightforward process. You’ll want to meet with the specialist who is managing your condition, such as a neurologist for MS or an oncologist for cancer. They’ll review your medical history before considering the option of prescribing medical cannabis.

If you and your physician agree medical marijuana is a viable treatment option, they’ll issue a prescription. It’s essential, however, to ensure your specialist understands the administration, benefits and side effects of medical weed.

While Croatia’s Ministry of Health does offer dosing guidelines, if your doctor seems unfamiliar with medical marijuana, do not hesitate to request a referral to another specialist. Doing so ensures you or your loved one are receiving comprehensive and educated care.

How to Access Medical Marijuana in Croatia

Croatia’s medical cannabis laws stipulate that pharmacies must distribute all medical marijuana. Due to this decision, you cannot cultivate medical weed. If you do, you risk receiving a fine or serving prison time, which can range from five months to six years. So, you must purchase medical cannabis from a pharmacy that stocks it.

Pharmacies carry different forms of medical marijuana, which is only permitted in oil, topical or a tea form. Your prescription will state your daily and 30-day dosage amount, which cannot exceed 7.5 grams. Medical cannabis prescriptions also include dosing instructions, which typically begin with a three- to four-week titration phase, and then a maintenance phase.

The Croatian Health Insurance Fund does not cover the cost of medical marijuana prescriptions. Refills for medical cannabis are also not available, which means you’ll need to visit your specialist or general practitioner to renew your medical order — your specialist must provide your initial prescription, though.

How Medical Marijuana Laws in Croatia Protect Patients

Even though Croatia’s medical cannabis program was drafted and passed within a year, legislators ensured protections were made for patients. One way the country’s laws protect patients is by mandating that they meet their qualifying condition’s specialist to receive their initial prescription.

Importing medical cannabis rather than developing a cultivation and distribution program also protects patients. Croatia has collaborated with reliable, trusted distributors to import and inspect its medical weed. This decision has expedited the launch of the country’s medical marijuana program, which helped patients access high-quality medical pot sooner.

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