Croatia Medical Marijuana Card & Program Information

Updated on December 28, 2018.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

With the launch of Croatia’s medical marijuana program, patients throughout the country have gained access to a natural, effective medicine that can alleviate their discomfort. Whether you or a family member are considering joining the country’s program, it’s essential to understand the application process.

Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card in Croatia

While many countries, such as the United States, require medical marijuana cards, Croatia does not. This is partially because Croatia legalized medical cannabis across the country, so its laws are universal. The state also integrated medical marijuana into its healthcare system, thus allowing physicians to prescribe it.

This decision by Croatia encourages the movement within the medical community to recognize marijuana as a medicine. For patients, this offers a few benefits:

  • The ability to pick up prescriptions at any pharmacy
  • The ability to avoid the process of filing and renewing applications for your medication

How to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Croatia

Since you do not have to file an application for a medical marijuana card in Croatia, you can focus on meeting with a trusted and compassionate physician who is knowledgeable about treating your symptoms or condition with medical cannabis.

Croatia’s medical marijuana laws require you to meet with a specialist, instead of your general practitioner, to receive a medical cannabis prescription. If you’ve been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), for example, you would schedule an appointment with your neurologist.

When you meet with your physician, they’ll discuss your ongoing treatment plan and the role of medical cannabis. They’ll talk to you about its potential side effects and benefits, as well as how you would administer it. If you both agree medical weed may alleviate your symptoms, they’ll issue a prescription.

How to Recertify a Medical Marijuana Card in Croatia

Because of the absence of medical marijuana cards in Croatia, you do not have to recertify yours. You will, however, need to renew your medical cannabis prescription. Croatia’s medical marijuana laws only allow one-time orders for medical weed, which are intended to deliver a 30-day supply of medicine.

Through the country’s medical marijuana program, you may follow-up with your general practitioner, instead of the specialist, to renew your prescription. If your child is approved for medical cannabis, you’ll want to see their pediatrician.

While not required, it is advised to continue meeting with your specialist throughout the year. Doing so lets you both discuss how the medicine has been affecting your symptoms and consider any potential changes to your dosage regime.

Certification of Medical Marijuana Doctors in Croatia

Physicians throughout Croatia may prescribe medical cannabis without an additional license. The only limitation is that specialists must prescribe it before a family doctor can refill it. As a result, the Croatian government has taken a proactive stance in educating doctors about the uses, benefits and side effects of medical marijuana.

Through the Ministry of Health, doctors can access a dosage recommendation sheet — which includes dosing for the titration and maintenance phases — for each of the qualifying conditions for medical cannabis in Croatia. This movement by Croatia demonstrates its commitment and support to offering medical cannabis to patients in need.

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