Medical Marijuana Laws in Croatia

Updated on December 28, 2018.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

With the legalization of medical marijuana and the implementation of a medical cannabis program, Croatia has introduced a series of laws essential for patients, their families, physicians and pharmacists to understand before using, prescribing or dispensing medical weed.

How Medical Marijuana Laws in Croatia Influence Its Use

Croatia’s medical marijuana laws influence the use and administration of medical pot. Through the program, smoking and vaporizing medical weed are prohibited. Instead, you may administer medical cannabis as an oil, ointment, edible or tea to alleviate your symptoms.

The program’s medical marijuana laws limit the amount of medical cannabis you can use to 7.5 grams for every 30-day period. Physicians are also required to recommend the amount of medical marijuana patients should use each day.

How Medical Marijuana Laws in Croatia Affect the Medical Cannabis Program

While Croatia created and passed its legislation for medical marijuana in only a year, it delivered a comprehensive program to its residents. One reason is because the country’s laws don’t permit the cultivation of marijuana. Because of this decision, Croatia imports all its medical weed, which pharmacies then distribute.

The incorporation of medical cannabis into pharmacies also allows doctors to prescribe, rather than recommend, medical marijuana. Croatia’s medical marijuana laws permit physicians to prescribe cannabis to both minors and adults, too.

How Medical Marijuana Laws in Croatia Impact Criminalization

Before the legalization of medical marijuana, Croatia decriminalized recreational weed. While carrying small amounts of recreational cannabis can still lead to fines of more than $700, many courts opt to order community service instead.

However, cultivating, transporting and selling weed could all still lead to prison time and expensive fines. In the case of producing and processing marijuana for personal use, the penalty ranges from six months to five years in prison. Large-scale operations can result in more than 10 years in jail.

How Medical Marijuana Laws in Croatia Limit the Medical Cannabis Program

Some of Croatia’s medical marijuana laws limit its program. One limitation is how few conditions qualify for medical weed, even though in-depth studies demonstrate its effectiveness for numerous ailments and symptoms. So far, only four illnesses are eligible for medical cannabis in Croatia: cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis (MS) and AIDS.

Another disadvantage of the medical marijuana program in Croatia is that the universal healthcare system, which the Croatian Health Insurance Fund oversees, does not cover medical cannabis. This decision leaves patients without any financial assistance when purchasing their medication.

How Medical Marijuana Laws in Croatia Protect Patients and Doctors

Croatia’s medical marijuana laws are intended to protect patients and their physicians. By requiring you to meet with your specialist to receive a recommendation for medical cannabis, the country is ensuring you receive expert care.

The government’s decision to import medical weed rather than produce it also protects patients. Before sale and importation, this medicine undergoes extensive inspections to confirm it’s safe and effective to use. This choice by legislators has also allowed them to launch their medical cannabis program faster.

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