Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in Cambodia

Updated on December 28, 2018.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Due to Cambodia’s relaxed approach to medical marijuana, many residents and travelers take advantage of the plant’s medicinal properties to ease chronic symptoms from difficult-to-treat conditions. It’s essential to recognize, however, that medical cannabis is not legal in Cambodia and comes with financial and judicial risks.

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Cambodia

Cambodia differs from many countries that penalize cannabis use. Instead of enforcing its laws, which took effect in 1961 through the Single Convention on Narcotics Drugs, Cambodia allows patients and recreational users to purchase and use medical marijuana in public and private freely.

As a result, any condition qualifies for medical cannabis. In fact, Cambodians have utilized marijuana as a medicine for centuries to treat arthritis, chronic pain, glaucoma and many other ailments. Before you add medical cannabis to your treatment plan, however, review and recognize the potential legal ramifications.

How to Become a Medical Marijuana Patient in Cambodia

While many other countries require a registration process for patients to access medical cannabis, Cambodia does not. This decision is due to the legality of recreational and medicinal marijuana — even though the country inadvertently supports the use and cultivation of the plant.

As a result, patients tend to have exceptional freedom in how they treat their condition with medical cannabis. It’s essential, though, if you’re committed to using medical marijuana in Cambodia, to consult with a physician. One way to do this is through telemedicine, as you can connect with licensed and certified medical marijuana doctors.

Meeting with a physician, especially one that’s certified to recommend medical cannabis, offers several advantages, including that they can:

  • Provide advice on daily dosages and administration methods to ensure the best management of your symptoms
  • Help monitor the side effects of strains to refine your treatment plan

How to Access Medical Marijuana in Cambodia

If you’ve reviewed the potential penalties of cannabis use in Cambodia and are considering treating your condition and symptoms with medical marijuana, it’s critical to choose a quality source for obtaining your medical cannabis.

In Cambodia, there are several ways to access marijuana. Many residents and travelers visit pizza parlors, which serve your standard pizza, as well as “happy pizza,” which includes cannabis. Businesses often advertise this dish on their menu. Other Cambodians may visit farmers to purchase their medicine.

Due to the lack of regulation, however, quality and safety are two issues. That’s why cultivating plants at home is an option more patients throughout the area are exploring. By adopting this approach, you can ensure the potency of your plants, as well as maintain a consistent strain quality.

How Medical Marijuana Laws in Cambodia Protect Patients

For all Cambodians, whether they’re medicinal or recreational users, zero protection is offered through the nation’s marijuana laws. Instead, the lack of enforcement by local governments essentially allows patients to use medical cannabis freely.

The existing arrangement, however, emphasizes the necessity for Cambodia to revise its legislation. By not legalizing marijuana and not enforcing its current cannabis laws, the government risks the welfare of its citizens as the cultivation and sale of marijuana remains unregulated.

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