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Updated on December 28, 2018.  Medical content reviewed by Dr. Joseph Rosado, MD, M.B.A, Chief Medical Officer

Cambodia’s approach to cannabis is unique. While its legislation bans the medicinal plant, government officials support its use, permitting residents and travelers to not only use the medicinal plant in public, but also advertise its availability. The legality of marijuana, however, has left the country without a medical cannabis program.

Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card in Cambodia

Without a medical marijuana program, Cambodia loses out on the advantages provided by medical marijuana cards. In many countries, such as Macedonia, these identification cards offer protection to patients. By presenting their card, patients can validate their possession and use of medical cannabis to law enforcement, for example.

In other instances, such as the United States, medical marijuana cards are a necessity for purchasing medical weed. In states where recreational and medicinal pot is legal, patients can still receive a discount on their medicine by presenting their card, which lowers their costs since insurance companies do not cover medical cannabis.

How to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Cambodia

Due to medical marijuana laws in the country, Cambodian medical marijuana cards are non-existent. In other nations, however, the application process often includes visiting a physician and filing an application, which a government body reviews for approval.

If you intend to use medical cannabis in Cambodia, it’s vital to consider the potential penalties, which range from a small fine to a lifetime prison sentence. While law enforcement rarely enforces the ban — which is why many falsely believe weed is legal in the country — the risk is still there.

Should you decide medical marijuana is a viable treatment option for you or a loved one, consider speaking with a licensed, certified medical cannabis physician. In Cambodia’s capital of Phnom Penh, telemedicine is available and can help you connect with a knowledgeable, compassionate doctor.

How to Recertify a Medical Marijuana Card in Cambodia

As noted, Cambodia does not maintain a medical marijuana program or card, which eliminates the necessity to renew your documentation for accessing medical weed. In many other countries, patients must recertify their cards either annually or once every few years.

If you’ve decided to incorporate medical cannabis into your treatment plan, however, you should create and maintain a record of your experiences. Note both positive and negative side effects, your dosage and your schedule for medicating. With this data, you can refine and modify your plan to better ease your symptoms.

Certification of Medical Marijuana Doctors in Cambodia

Cambodia does not require physicians to undergo additional training to recommend or prescribe medical cannabis since it is technically still illegal in the country. Instead, the responsibility falls on patients to seek their own medical advice.

If you’re treating your condition with medical pot, consider speaking with a certified medical marijuana doctor to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Thanks to telemedicine, you can meet with licensed physicians around the world, such as in the U.S., who understand the benefits of different strains and administration methods.

Local doctors in Cambodia may also be able to offer advice, as the country has used marijuana for centuries as both a medicine and an ingredient in cuisines. Due to Cambodia’s laws, however, some physicians may still refrain from providing official medical recommendations related to medical cannabis.

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