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Vireo Health — Johnson City, NY Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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Vireo Health — Johnson City, NY

Dispensary Information

Traveling Range: 10 mi
Medical Experience: Yes
Accepting Patients: Yes
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Wednesday: 12:00:00 PM - 7:00:00 PM

More About This Dispensary

The Products at Vireo Health

Due to product regulations in New York, dispensaries sort their products by their cannabinoid proportions. Vireo Health developed a system called the Vireo Spectrum that labels each type of medication with a color.

One end of the spectrum has high-THC products, while the other end has high-CBD products. In the middle, you’ll find a medicine with equal amounts of the cannabinoids. The colors of the Vireo Spectrum are:

  • Red: The highest amount of THC
  • Yellow: The second-highest THC concentration
  • Green: Equal amounts of THC and CBD
  • Blue: The second-highest concentration of CBD
  • Indigo: The highest proportion of CBD

Vireo Health offers these formulas as capsules, oils and vaporization products since New York doesn’t allow the sale of smoking products or edibles.

New Patients

New patients must schedule an in-person or virtual appointment before they can order anything online. The Vireo Health staff will request a state-issued photo ID, a medical marijuana card and a written recommendation. While the brick-and-mortar dispensary only accepts cash, you’ll have more payment options when you buy on the website.

The Johnson City Location

In Johnson City, you can visit the local Vireo Health dispensary at 589 Harry L Drive. They operate in the northern end of the city, across from the Oakdale Mall. Vireo Health Johnson City offers free parking, including handicap spaces.

First-Time Patients

After seeing how medical marijuana helped his patients, emergency medical physician Dr. Kyle Kingsley opened Minnesota Medical Solutions in 2014. His dispensary had the honor of receiving the first dispensary license in Minnesota.

About a year later in 2015, the success of Minnesota Medical Solutions propelled Dr. Kingsley to start the Vireo Health franchise in the state of New York. They now have four locations throughout the state, with the Johnson City dispensary serving patients in the area.

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