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More About This Dispensary

VidaCann is one of the fastest-growing and most trusted medical cannabis dispensaries in Florida. There are currently 14 dispensaries, each providing high-quality medical cannabis products, education, and support for certified medical marijuana patients.

How VidaCann Stands Out Compared to Other Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

At VidaCann, our mission is to “create and sustain a culture of health and wellness throughout Florida—one community at a time.” We had the opportunity to be interviewed by Marijuana Doctors and Sparkz Network regarding our business, commitment to patient safety, and quality products.

VidaCann also provides Stanley Brothers CBD and THC infused products. Stanley Brothers innovated the world-leading Charlotte’s Web medical cannabis product line. VidaCann is the only cannabis cultivator in Florida licensed to produce the original Charlotte’s Web strain.

Medical marijuana cardholders in Florida can browse therapeutic cannabis products from home, on the VidaCann online store. We carry a broad selection of:

  • Tinctures
  • Vapes
  • Smokable flower
  • Topical creams for pain relief
  • Concentrates
  • Cannabis capsules

At VidaCann, we have earned a reputation for providing top tier medical cannabis products and exceptional support and services to our customers. VidaCann is the exclusive distributor of Tikun Olam, one of the world’s leading cannabis brands. We distribute the ultra-premium Alaskan Sativa tincture, and the Erez Indica tincture, an Indica strain commonly used for relaxation, and alleviating muscle tremors and spasms.

Cultivating some of the best and highest-grade CBD and medical cannabis products in Florida has taken years of experience and state-of-the-art technology. VidaCann is careful and selective, ensuring that every product is free from impurities. We have rigorous testing protocols and our laboratory is FDA-certified for cGMP, meeting the highest safety and purity standards.

Our cannabis is cultivated in ACE conservatories with translucent walls and ceilings to allow more natural sunlight. Advanced growing technologies for temperature and humidity moderation, watering, air circulation, and nourishment for our plants, occur around-the-clock with precision automated systems. Our goal at VidaCann is to work hard and produce the highest quality cannabis in Florida.

First-Time Patients

Save Money with the VidaCann Rewards Program

Patients with moderate-to-severe chronic pain or other debilitating health symptoms may need to try more than one type of medical cannabis to find relief. Some types of medical cannabis can be effective to relieve stress and help reduce muscle contractions or spasms. Patients who have difficulty sleeping may wish to explore different types of Indica strains that promote pain relief and drowsiness, to prevent sleep disruptions.

We came to the conclusion that newly certified patients may need to try more than one product to discover the right types of cannabis and the best intake methods for their personal needs. The VidaCann Rewards Program offers a discount to our loyal customers.

How does it work? Each dollar you spend in product purchases at one of our fourteen (14) medical cannabis dispensaries in Florida earns 1.5 reward points. These points are conveniently tracked through our app. They provide the following loyalty reward discounts:

  • 250 Points = $5.00 off your next purchase (online or in-store)
  • 500 Points = $15.00 discount on your next medical cannabis purchase
  • 1000 Points = $40.00 off your next purchase

If you sign up a friend or family member for VidaCann Rewards, you will receive 250 points for referring them to our quality cannabis products and patient services.
If you are a Florida permanent or seasonal resident with a medical marijuana card, you can sign up for the VidaCann Rewards Program online. You will also receive free updates including special promotions, coupon offers, news, educational information about medical cannabis therapies, and more.

Suggestions from Experts in Therapeutic Cannabis

At every VidaCann dispensary, our staff is trained to provide expert suggestions to help our customers find the best medical cannabis strains, and intake methods to promote personal wellness and symptom management.

We recommend that first-time medical marijuana cardholders in Florida call to schedule a consultation appointment. Your VidaCann service representative will help you establish your patient account and review the details of your physician’s medical recommendation for cannabis therapy. From that information, VidaCann will help by providing expert suggestions for medical cannabis strains and product types that may help with symptom management needs.

After your patient profile has been set up at VidaCann, you can shop online for medical cannabis products. We provide delivery services, in all Florida Counties that permit dispensary home-delivery services. Ask your VidaCann representative for more information.

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