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More About This Dispensary

Trulieve is the largest medical marijuana dispensary in Florida, with 49 locations across the state. There are more than 350,000 patients who have been registered for access to medical marijuana in Florida alone. There are additional Trulieve locations in Connecticut and California, and another opening soon in Massachusetts. The plan is to expand Trulieve medical cannabis dispensaries nationally.

Kim Rivers is the CEO of Trulieve, Florida’s first—and most recognized—medical cannabis dispensary company. Kim Rivers has directed the construction of the company’s processing and cultivating facilities to the growth of the Trulieve dispensary network in Florida and other states. She has also helped Trulieve negotiate exclusive licensing to carry familiar and popular brands of medical cannabis in every dispensary location. Ms. Rivers has a background in finance, real estate, and business law.

An Interview with Valda Coryat, Chief Marketing Officer at Trulieve

Jennifer Tapiero, cannabis reviewer and influencer, interviewed Valda Coryat, Chief Marketing Officer for Trulieve. During the interview, Valda explains how Trulieve dispensaries are unique. Each dispensary in Florida reflects the root culture of the community it serves. When Florida residents walk into one of the dispensaries, they feel at home. It’s the attention to detail that Trulieve embeds in every location which helps create a positive patient experience.

Trulieve has also created a specialty outreach group for American veterans, called TruVets. A vibrant Facebook Group has been created and continues to grow, as Trulieve shares community programs and educational and social events for veterans with PTSD or other chronic health conditions.

Building a Wellness Community and Educational Outreach With Trulievers

Trulieve considers the customer experience to be very important. They have embraced customer education and created a welcoming wellness community that educates, informs, and creates connections between patients who have chronic health issues.

What we often forget is that people living with debilitating health conditions can feel isolated. Immuno-compromised individuals take precautions to reduce their exposure as a preventative measure. Patients with chronic pain may have moderate to severe mobility restrictions. But patients who are certified to use medical cannabis have one thing in common; they want to learn about different methods of achieving symptom relief.

What started as a loyalty rewards program for customers has grown into a wellness movement, headed by ‘Trulievers.’ This is especially true in Florida where Trulieve has 48 dispensary locations. On the first Saturday of every month, Trulieve offers a one-hour meet-and-greet for Trulievers and curious patients to share their experiences with medical cannabis products.

Trulieve offers a convenient mobile application that customers can use to track their loyalty points as part of the ‘Truliever’ community. The app also features the ability to search for local Trulieve dispensaries, browse products, write product reviews, and even search for local marijuana doctors.

The goal of the Truliever events is to help end the stigma of medical cannabis. When you attend one of these events, you see adult patients of all ages, and with varying degrees of health problems. What they all have in common is an appreciation of the quality of medical cannabis products provided by Trulieve. And how medical cannabis and expert suggestions provided by trained Trulieve service representatives help patients find the right strain, intake method, and combination of CBD and THC products for symptom management.

The success of the Truliever wellness moment is apparent. Customers have such a personal connection to their local Trulieve dispensary that they proudly wear swag, such as branded hats, t-shirts, and other merchandise. It is an expression of appreciation for the impact that Trulieve has made on their lives as patients with chronic health conditions.

First-Time Patients

What Kind of Medical Cannabis Products Does Trulieve Sell?

Trulieve provides a large selection of medical cannabis products for patients. These products include low-THC products administered by caregivers to minors, up to 30% THC whole cannabis flower, vape pens, and hybrid CBD/THC infused products.

Tinctures, capsules, and topical creams for pain relief are also dispensed at every Trulieve location. Medical cannabis oil syringes with active concentrates are also available for patients, providing an accurate measurement for oral dosing. Trulieve cannabis syringes have no cutting ingredients added.

Caregivers of chronic care or terminally ill patients receive new therapeutic updates and information as Trulieve customers. They also receive encouragement, compassion, recognition, and social support from Trulieve staff and other patients at sponsored events. The Truliever events connect chronic care patients and caregivers to help break the isolation and ensure that medical cannabis patients remain informed.

Trulieve is one of the medical cannabis dispensary brands that demonstrate care and commitment to education and patient service, at each location. That focus on customer service and building a wellness community that patients can be part of is one of the secrets to the success and growth of Trulieve in Florida, and across the United States.

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