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More About This Dispensary

Located in the heart of one of the most luxurious areas of Orlando, this Trulieve dispensary features a large shop with friendly staff. Reviews left for the Trulieve Orlando Millenia dispensary comment on how beautiful the facilities are. Come check it out for yourself!

Every Trulieve medical marijuana dispensary is staffed by medicinal cannabis experts who are trained to answer any question that patients may have about safe therapeutic use. You do not have to feel intimidated if you do not know anything at all about medical marijuana. Trulieve customer service representatives will help you find the right strains, category of medical cannabis, and intake method to help you address your symptom needs.

An Interview with Valda Coryat, Chief Marketing Officer at Trulieve

Jennifer Tapiero, cannabis reviewer and influencer, interviewed Valda Coryat, Chief Marketing Officer for Trulieve. During the interview, Valda explains how Trulieve dispensaries are unique. Each dispensary in Florida reflects the root culture of the community it serves. When Florida residents walk into one of the dispensaries, they feel at home. It’s the attention to detail that Trulieve embeds in every location which helps create a positive patient experience.

Non-Euphoric Medical Cannabis in Orlando, Florida

Not all types of medical marijuana from Trulieve dispensaries produce the sensation of euphoria. This is especially important for children with severe chronic diagnoses. These patients seek the use of medical marijuana solely for symptom management, such as muscle spasms and seizures.

Parents and caregivers who shop at Trulieve may not be looking for products that inflict the level of impairment that comes with regular THC products. In the state of Florida, low-dose THC is required for minors. It is strictly regulated. Fortunately, there are many hybrid products that are offered in Trulieve dispensaries that do not produce euphoric sensations.

Location and Directions

For directions to the dispensary, find Trulieve Orlando Millenia on Google Maps.

First-Time Patients

Medical Cannabis Products Available

First-time medical marijuana cardholders sometime share a common misconception; they expect that all types of medical cannabis must be vaped or smoked. However, there are many different ways to consume medical cannabis products. Some patients prefer to consume their medical cannabis by infusing it in food, or a hot beverage like coffee or tea with the use of tinctures. While edibles are not currently legalized in Florida, cardholders can topical medical marijuana products or CBD oils.

Trulieve provides a large assortment of medical marijuana products in the following categories:

Patient Care and Services

One of the most frequent comments from Trulieve medical marijuana customers is that the staff at Trulieve are friendly and knowledgeable. When you have set up your member account at Trulieve, you can opt into the Loyalty Program to receive discounts on therapeutic cannabis products. You will also receive information about special education or information events to help patients learn more about the therapeutic use of medical marijuana.

Many patients who have no previous experience using medical marijuana trust the suggestions from Trulieve customer service staff. For some health conditions, there are strains of medical marijuana that work better for symptom relief. Your Trulieve representative will help you explore different products specific to your wellness goals.