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More About This Dispensary

Trulieve is more than a medical marijuana dispensary in Florida; it is a growing community of people who are united by a pursuit of personal wellness through natural medicinal alternatives. When patients register with a Trulieve dispensary, they become a member or a “Truliever” and receive promotional discounts through the loyalty rewards program.

What makes Trulieve special is the grassroots community involvement and special events. When someone is suffering from a debilitating chronic disease or pain symptoms, such as HIV/AIDS or multiple sclerosis, the experience can be isolating. Patients may look for resources and medical research to help them explore new therapeutic treatment options as an alternative to opioids or NSAID prescription medications.

Trulieve hosts regular events across Florida State for Truliever’s. Every event has an educational purpose, discussing new strains, production quality medical marijuana, and safe-use suggestions for patients. But there are also events that have strong social value, connecting patients, parents, and caregivers with a supportive community that understands the challenges of life with rare disease diagnosis, or difficult chronic health symptoms.

An Interview with Valda Coryat, Chief Marketing Officer at Trulieve

Jennifer Tapiero, cannabis reviewer and influencer, interviewed Valda Coryat, Chief Marketing Officer for Trulieve. During the interview, Valda explains how Trulieve dispensaries are unique. Each dispensary in Florida reflects the root culture of the community it serves. When Florida residents walk into one of the dispensaries, they feel at home. It’s the attention to detail that Trulieve embeds in every location which helps create a positive patient experience.

Location and Directions

For directions to the dispensary, please visit Trulieve Orlando Colonial Google Maps.

First-Time Patients

Medical Cannabis Products Available

Are you suffering from chronic pain after surgery like a hip or knee replacement? Joint pain can be intolerable, and prevent patients from activities of daily living, such as independent self-care. There are non-smokable medical marijuana products in Florida provided by Trulieve, including capsules (supplements) and localized CBD and THC infused medicinal creams available.

Trulieve provides the following medical marijuana products to certified MMJ patients:

  • TruPowder (Nano-encapsulated Cannabinoid powder to be mixed with water).
  • Smokable flower
  • CBD Oils
  • Concentrates
  • Capsules
  • Tinctures
  • Topical cream
  • THC / CBD Ratio products
  • Vape pens and accessories

Sublingual uptake, or drops from a THC infused tincture, is one of the fastest and most popular methods for consuming medical marijuana. The capillaries under the tongue rapidly absorb the active ingredients of the tincture and absorb them into the bloodstream for fast-acting relief of nausea, pain, and muscle spasms.

Your physician may also recommend more than one strain of medical cannabis, or different intake methods, such as a combination of capsules for daily supplementation and sublingual drops (tinctures).

Patient Care and Services

One of the most frequent comments from Trulieve medical marijuana customers is that the staff at Trulieve are friendly and very knowledgeable. When you have set up your member account at Trulieve, you can opt into the Loyalty Program to receive discounts on therapeutic cannabis products. You will also receive information about special education or information events to help patients learn more about the therapeutic use of medical marijuana.

Many patients who have no previous experience using medical marijuana trust the suggestions from Trulieve customer service staff. For some health conditions, there are strains of medical marijuana that work better for symptom relief. Your Trulieve representative will help you explore different products specific to your wellness goals.